The TiSO Sweeper Speed Gates are ideal for elegant gates in hotels, banks, and business buildings because they combine cutting-edge looks with first-rate performance. They provide security and convenience thanks to advanced technologies like ToothLock® locking, BMDrive® mechanism, and AI-powered sensors. You can choose from the Sweeper 550 and Sweeper 900 versions.

Key Features

  • Ultra-slim design, just 110mm wide, sets records.
  • Maintenance-free BLDC motor for reliability.
  • Advanced self-diagnosing system for seamless operation.
  • Intelligent sensors prevent unauthorized access and accidents.
  • Accommodates various passage widths for flexibility.
Introducing the TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates – the epitome of contemporary aesthetics and unparalleled functionality seamlessly blended into one remarkable access solution. Crafted with sleek glass tops and side panels, these speed gates redefine transparency and are the ultimate choice for high-end building entrances that demand both style and substance.

Sweeper 550 and Sweeper 900 are the two exceptional variations in this series. The Sweeper 550 offers a swift opening and closing speed of 0.3 seconds, with a passage width of 550mm. Its ToothLock® mechanism, driven by the powerful BLDC gear motor of the BMDrive®, ensures reliability and long-term maintenance-free operation. Choose from housing options like brushed SS AISI 304, brushed SS AISI 316, polished SS AISI 304, polished SS AISI 316, or powder-coated RAL to match your aesthetic preferences. With voltage compatibility ranging from AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz to a DC source of 12 V, it consumes a maximum of 160 W/pass and boasts a remarkable Mean Time Between Failure (MCBF) of 10,000,000 cycles. The built-in DotLights®, RFIDLights®, and EdgeLights® provide a clear indication, and it comfortably operate within a temperature range of +1 to +40 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, the Sweeper 900 offers an opening and closing speed of 0.6 seconds, featuring a generous passage width of 900mm. It shares the exact robust ToothLock® mechanism driven by the BMDrive® BLDC motor. Like its counterpart, it comes in various housing options, including brushed SS AISI 304, brushed SS AISI 316, polished SS AISI 304, polished SS AISI 316, and powder-coated RAL. It operates on either AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz, or a 12 V DC source, with a maximum power consumption of 160 W/pass and an impressive MCBF of 10,000,000 cycles. Its DotLights®, RFIDLights®, and EdgeLights® indicators ensure smooth operation within a temperature range of +1 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Notably, these speed gates feature advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms that prevent unauthorized access, detect multiple card use, and even accommodate individuals with luggage, all while guaranteeing the utmost safety.

For customers in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar, Stebilex Systems proudly serves as a trusted TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates supplier, ensuring accessibility to this cutting-edge access control solution in your region. Elevate your building’s entrance with the perfect blend of style and security.

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Additional information

Brands TiSO
Product Code/Part Number: SWEEPER-S 550 and SWEEPER-S 900

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates?

The TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates include a sophisticated glass design, maintenance-free BLDC motors, self-diagnosing systems, and sophisticated sensors for convenience and security. They support a range of route widths, making them ideal for fashionable entrances.

How fast do TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates open and close?

Sweeper 550 opens and shuts with a 550mm width in 0.3 seconds, while Sweeper 900 does it with a 900mm width in 0.6 seconds. Both Sweeper 550 and Sweeper 900 use ToothLock® and BMDrive® for dependability.

Where can I buy TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar?

TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates can be purchased from Stebilex Systems, an accredited supplier in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Qatar.

What security mechanisms do TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates have?

Using cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms, TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates can identify card fraud, block unauthorized entrance, and accommodate people with baggage while maintaining the highest level of security.

What are the available housing options for TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates?

You may match your aesthetic tastes by choosing from a variety of housing choices for TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates, including powder-coated RAL, polished SS AISI 304, polished SS AISI 316, and brushed SS AISI 304.

What is the Mean Time Between Failure (MCBF) for TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates?

With a remarkable Mean Time Between Failure (MCBF) of 10,000,000 cycles, TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates guarantee long-term performance and dependability.

Are TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates suitable for banks and high-security buildings?

Due to their cutting-edge security features and slick design, TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates are a good fit for banks and high-security institutions.

How do TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates accommodate various passage widths?

TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates offer versatility to fulfill your unique access requirements by accommodating different passage widths.

How do the advanced sensors in TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates work?

The sophisticated sensors of TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates use AI-powered algorithms to identify and stop unauthorized entry while maintaining security.

What temperature range can TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates operate in?

The operating temperature range of TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates is +1 to +40 degrees Celsius, making them appropriate for a variety of environmental settings.

Why Choose Stebilex Systems for Tiso SWEEPER Speed Gates?

Stebilex Systems is the leading supplier of TiSO SWEEPER Speed Gates. Elevate your building’s entrance by accessing this state-of-the-art access control solution with style and security in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar.

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