TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile

The TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile is available to act as your cost-effective access control solution. This more transportable variation of our Sesame pedestrian turnstile gate has all the required components but doesn’t save on quality. Whether you need it for temporary construction sites or other applications, it is the perfect match. You can choose between a fully welded construction or an assembly design for easy transit. The turnstile is bi-directional, completely compatible with all access control techniques, and adjustable in both directions. It may be used both indoors and outside because it consumes minimal power and operates softly. Choose between fail-safe or fail-secure options to meet your security needs. Utilising TiSO Sesame Basic may increase your efficacy, flexibility, and reliability.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective choice with all essential features.
  • Customizable for a range of materials and styles.
  • Simple access control system integration.
  • Low power usage and little noise.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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The TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile is an efficient and affordable answer to a variety of access control issues. This turnstile provides all the functions you need while using the least amount of metal possible, saving you a lot of money. It’s ideal for a variety of uses, including short-term building locations.

There are two ways to order the Sesame Basic Turnstile: completely welded or conveniently dismantled. This adaptability reduces shipping expenses while also making installation at the appropriate site simpler. The X-type or Y-type rotor is your choice, but either one of these turnstiles offers slick, bi-directional access control.

Its ability to work with any form of Access Control System (ACS) is one of its unique advantages. This guarantees easy maintenance and seamless interaction with your current security architecture. Additionally, it is excellent for use both indoors and outdoors because of its low power consumption and low noise levels.

The Sesame Basic Turnstile emphasises customization. To satisfy your particular security requirements, you can select between fail-safe and fail-secure alternatives. Its robust design and range of housing choices, including powder-coated RAL, polished SS AISI 304, polished SS AISI 316, and brushed SS AISI 304, guarantee longevity and a slick look.

According to its technical specifications, this turnstile allows passage of up to 20 persons per minute and has a passage width of 510mm for the X-type and 650mm for the Y-type. It can resist a large temperature range between -40°C and +40°C thanks to its servo-driven or electromechanical mechanism, which assures dependability. You can rely on it to work for a long time because of its excellent MCBF rating (Main Cycle Before Failure).

For an affordable, scalable, and dependable access control system that satisfies your security requirements, whether it be for temporary construction sites or other applications, select the TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile.

The Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile is the ideal alternative for unsurpassed security, dependability, and infinite customizability. Stebilex Systems emerges as your dependable ally for supplying top-notch security solutions to customers in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

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Product Code/Part Number: Sesame Basic & Sesame Basic – L

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile apart from other turnstiles in the market?

The TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile stands out due to its cost-effective design without compromising quality. It’s perfect for temporary construction sites and can be fully welded or assembled for easy transportation.

How does the Sesame Basic model save on costs without compromising on quality?

The Sesame Basic model reduces costs by using less metal while retaining all essential features. This cost-efficient design is ideal for applications like temporary construction sites, making it an economical choice.

Are there any specific environments or settings where the TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile is most suitable?

The TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile is versatile and suitable for various environments. It can be tailored to indoor or outdoor applications, making it adaptable to different settings and security needs.

How does the turnstile integrate with existing access control systems?

The turnstile is designed to seamlessly integrate with various access control systems, offering flexibility and compatibility. It ensures smooth access management and security in your facility.

What are the main differences between the fully welded and assembly design options?

You can choose between fully welded or assembly design options. The assembly design is attractive for transportation cost savings, while the fully welded version offers robustness and durability.

Can the Sesame Basic Turnstile be customized to fit specific security needs?

Yes, the Sesame Basic Turnstile is customizable to meet specific security requirements. You can choose from different materials, rotor types, and security settings to tailor it to your needs.

Is the TiSO Sesame Basic suitable for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, the TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile can be used outdoors in extreme weather conditions. Its design and materials make it suitable for various environmental challenges.

How does the turnstile's low power consumption benefit users?

The turnstile’s low power consumption reduces energy costs and environmental impact. It operates quietly and efficiently, providing a user-friendly experience while saving on electricity.

Why choose Stebilex Systems to buy TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile?

Stebilex Systems offers expertise and support in choosing the right turnstile solution. We provide reliable products like the TiSO Sesame Basic and ensure excellent customer service, making us the ideal choice.

Does Stebilex Systems offer warranty and after-sales support for the TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile?

Yes, Stebilex Systems offers warranty and comprehensive after-sales support for the TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile. You can connect with our sales team for detailed information.

What is the passage rate and width for the X-type and Y-type rotors of the turnstile?

The X-type rotor offers a passage width of 510mm, while the Y-type rotor provides a wider passage width of 650mm. Both rotors have a passage rate of 20 persons per minute.

What after-sales support does Stebilex Systems offer for the TiSO Sesame Basic Full-Height Turnstile?

Stebilex Systems provides extensive after-sales support, including maintenance, technical assistance, and spare parts availability. We ensure that your TiSO Sesame Basic Turnstile continues to operate smoothly and securely.

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