SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates from TiSO provide cutting-edge access control. These motorized turnstiles stand out because of their eye-catching design, advanced mechanics, and stringent security measures. Ideal for modern environments including workplaces, banks, and hotels. With its two excellent options, you can choose from the Speedblade 500 and 900.

Key Features

  • Sleek, Futuristic Design Elevates Aesthetics Instantly.
  • Maintenance-Free BLDC Motor for Reliable Performance.
  • Vandalism-Proof PinLock® System Ensures Security.
  • Self-Diagnosing BMDrive® Mechanism for Hassle-Free Maintenance.
  • Advanced Sensor System Guards Against Unauthorized Access.
Introducing the TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates, a cutting-edge solution for modern security and aesthetics in various facilities. These motorized turnstiles boast retractable flaps, blending seamlessly into stylish lobbies in hotels, banks, and office centers, thanks to their ultra-modern design.

The heart of these speed gates is the reliable BMDrive® mechanism, powered by a robust BLDC gear motor, ensuring long-term, maintenance-free operation. Security is paramount, with the PinLock® system preventing manual leaf opening in cases of vandalism.

What sets the SPEEDBLADE series apart is its smart self-diagnosing system, capable of detecting critical malfunctions and recording error logs, all easily accessible via an OLED display. Setup and configuration are a breeze, even without special programmers, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Safety is a top priority, with digital control of force and leaf speed, coupled with advanced sensors, preventing accidents even in unauthorized passages. These gates utilize artificial intelligence algorithms and precision infrared sensors to detect and alert against multiple card use, wrong directions, and unauthorized access.

For added convenience, the sensor system even identifies individuals with luggage, allowing hassle-free exits without the need for identification.

With two variations, the Speedblade 500 and Speedblade 900, to choose from, you can tailor your security solution to your specific needs. Stebilex Systems proudly serves as the trusted supplier for TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar, ensuring you have access to these innovative security solutions wherever you are. Elevate your security standards with TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates today!

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Brands TiSO
Product Code/Part Number: Speedblade 500 and Speedblade 900

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates and How Do They Enhance Security?

TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates are advanced motorized turnstiles designed for enhanced security. They incorporate retractable flaps and sophisticated technology to regulate access effectively.

How Do TiSO SPEEDBLADE Turnstiles Integrate with Existing Security Systems?

TiSO SPEEDBLADE Turnstiles seamlessly integrate with existing security systems, providing a comprehensive access control solution that enhances safety and efficiency.

Why Choose TiSO SPEEDBLADE Over Other Motorized Turnstiles?

TiSO SPEEDBLADE stands out among motorized turnstiles due to its sleek design, robust PinLock® system, and intelligent features, offering superior security and aesthetics.

How Does the PinLock® System in TiSO SPEEDBLADE Prevent Vandalism?

The PinLock® system in TiSO SPEEDBLADE prevents vandalism by ensuring that the turnstile’s leaves cannot be forcibly opened, enhancing security and durability.

Can TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates Be Customized for My Facility?

TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates can be customized to fit your facility’s unique requirements, offering flexibility in design, materials, and functionality.

What Is the BMDrive® Mechanism and Why Is It Important for Maintenance-Free Operation?

The BMDrive® mechanism in TiSO SPEEDBLADE ensures maintenance-free operation. It’s a reliable, powerful system that minimizes downtime and upkeep costs.

What Safety Features Do TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates Offer?

TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates prioritize safety with features like digital force control, leaf speed regulation, and a sensor system that prevents accidents and unauthorized access.

How Do Advanced Sensors in TiSO SPEEDBLADE Prevent Unauthorized Access?

Advanced sensors in TiSO SPEEDBLADE detect unauthorized access attempts, ensuring only authorized individuals can pass through, enhancing security.

Where Can I Purchase TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar?

You can purchase TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar through the trusted supplier, Stebilex Systems, ensuring product quality and support.

Why Is Stebilex Systems the Trusted Supplier for TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates?

Stebilex Systems is the trusted supplier for TiSO SPEEDBLADE Speed Gates due to its commitment to quality, expertise, and a strong track record in delivering innovative security solutions.

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