RIB Rolling Shutter Operator: JOLLY ONE (For spring balanced shutters Ø 60mm shaft and Ø 200mm shaft)

Designed with RIB’s three decades of expertise JOLLY ONE rolling shutters operators come with optional electric brakes and both reversible or irreversible operation. JOLLY ONE operator features RIB’s patented automatic limit switch, that enables accurate opening and closing.

Key Features

  • Automatic limit switch
  • Operates gates with 16sqm surface area and 220 kg weight
  • Offers 30% service
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RIB JOLLY ONE operator’s limitswitch can be easily adjusted with opening and closing operation speed and stop. The JOLLY one is fitted with the adapters on Ø 42 mm, Ø 48 mm or Ø 60 mm shafts, with springs of Ø 200 or Ø 220 mm. The operator is capable of pulling shutters of maximum 220 kg having 16sqm surface area. With IP 300protection the operator runs on 230V power supply and offers 30% service.

The JOLLY ONE comes in four different versions – JOLLY ONE automatic limit switch (reversible), JOLLY ONE automatic limit switch with electrobrake (irreversible), JOLLY ONE manual limit switch (reversible), and JOLLY ONE manual limit switch with electrobrake (irreversible).

With three consecutive cycles in three minutes, the shutter operator is suitable for moderate use. You can buy RIB JOLL ONE from Stebilex Systems. We are a leading supplier of RIB gate, shutter and door operators in the middle east. Our product experts provide free tech consultation to help you find the right product for your requirement. Contact us today.

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Product details

AA00200JOLLY ONE automatic limit switch (reversible)
AA00201JOLLY ONE automatic limit switch with electrobrake (irreversible)
AA00220JOLLY ONE manual limit switch (reversible)
AA00221JOLLY ONE manual limit switch with electrobrake (irreversible)

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