RIB P1-CRX Control Board for RAPID S, RAPID N, Normal and INDUSTRIAL Gate Barriers

P1-CRX is a smart, control board made exclusively for RIB gate barriers. It has an automatic travel and operating time learning system featuring electric limit switches and responsive towards radio, single, stop, and directional commands.

Key Features

  • Perfect for RIB gate barriers
  • Comes with a PARK feature to control a parking space
  • Compatible with APP cards, photocells, safety strips, key selector, blinker, SUN, and SUN PRO remotes
  • Ideal replacement for EURO BAR and PARK 230V-CRX cards
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RIB designed and build the P1-CRX control board specifically for RAPID S, RAPID N, NORMAL, and INDUSTRIAL gate barriers. It is an intelligent electronic board with a lot of smart features like pre-blinking, automatic closure, park, and black-out control

Adding further, this control board can operate on radio commands and offers remarkable connectivity with photocells, safety strips, blinker, key selector, APP, and APP+ cards. Contact Stebilex Systems today to buy or learn more about the product.

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Brands RIB
Product Code/Part Number: P1-CRX

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