PERCo TTR-10AB Motorized tripod turnstile (outdoor use)

PERCo TTR-10AB Motorized tripod turnstile designed for easy mounting on the floor or wall and comes with built-in electronics. It is a compact device offering efficient individualisation at places with a continuous stream of people like industrial enterprises, banks, administrative offices, shops, railway stations, airports.

Key Features

  • Turnstile with built-in electronics and weatherproof housing
  • Flywheel with automatic “Anti-Panic” barrier arms
  • Fire Alarm control input allows emergency unlock


PERCo’s latest motorised tripod turnstile comes with anti-panic flywheel barriers. The standard model comes with a stand for floor mounting remote control panel, the wall or handrail mounting aattachments are also available as an option. With an anti-panic barrier arm technology enables immediate clearing of the passageway in case of emergency or powerloss. The TTR-10AB is easily integrated with most of the conventional access control system and can be operated remotely or with a wireless remote control device.

The TTR-10AB tripod turnstile offers a throughput rate of 30 people per minute. The control boards of the TTR-10AB are housed inside the turnstile body. It also comes with an automatic resetting mechanism that moves the arms to its initial position after each pass. The tripods are turned smoothly with an in-built motor drive.The TTR-10AB also allows integration with fire alarm input for emergency unlocking in case of fire.

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