Optima Fixed Bollards FXB

The fixed bollards called Optima FXB are intended to permanently block off the route. These bollards are non-removable because they are permanently concreted into the ground.




Galvanized and epoxy painted or with AISI 36 stainless steel cover for corrosion protection


Economical and practical civil work

Use Case

Appropriate for military, governmental, and commercial structures or roadways


May be modified to meet site requirements


What are Optima PRB Bollards?

The Optima PRB series pneumatic retractable bollards are intended for use at high-security vehicle entrances, as well as in military, commercial, industrial, governmental, and industrial facilities that are restricted to vehicular traffic during specific hours of the day. The drive unit is pneumatic. Every type of card reader, biometric reader (such as fingerprint or hand shape), radio control, on/off key switch, etc. may all perform the raise/lower function with the aid of PLC-controlled electronics. Additionally, the system can incorporate safety add-ons such as photocells, inductive loop detectors, flashing lights, or red/green lights.

Characteristic Features

Optional accessories


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