Optima Fixed Bollards FRB-01

The FRB-01 bollards by Optima are a series of bollards that are permanently concreted into the earth. They are intended to provide a long-lasting route closure. 


Optima Brand

The sandblasted carbon steel material used


Bollard meets the PAS68 crash rating

FRB 01_kapak

Tested by an N3 type truck weighing 7500kg traveling at a speed of 80km/hr


Hot-dip galvanized


What are FRB-01 Fixed Bollards by Optima?

Optima FRB-01 fixed bollards which are crash tested are intended to close the routes permanently. It is a non-removable fixed bollard because it is permanently concreted into the ground. They are similar in appearance to hydraulic bollards. Fixed bollards of Optima FRB-01 are appropriate for use in military, governmental, and commercial structures or on roadways that are permanently blocked to vehicular traffic. Optima crash-tested bollards have successfully achieved and certified PAS 68: V/7500[N3]/80/90:5.4/25.0 standards.

Optima Fixed Bollards FRB-01 Dastasheet

Optional Accessories with Optima FRB-01 Bollards

  • Various colour options
  • Flashlight on top of the bollard
  • Decorative top flanges
  • Stop sign with mounting pedestal

Characteristic Features

  • Test parameters: PAS 68: V/7500[N3]/80/90:5.4/25.0 
  • Equivalent to: K12, M50, ASTM F2656, IWA14-1
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Diameter: 320 mm
  • Environmental durability: Hot dip galvanised and red oxide painted, finishing with painted yellow and black stripes
  • Structure: Heavy duty
  • Type of steel: S275 (inner core), finishing 316 stainless steel sleeve

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