Optima Fixed Bollard FXB-CT (Zero penetration)

The FXB-CT bollards by Optima are a series of bollards that are permanently concreted into the earth. They are intended to provide a long-lasting route closure. 


Optima Brand

Crash-test certified PAS 68: V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/21.7 zero penetration

No rebar required in the concrete foundation

Galvanized and epoxy painted or with AISI 36 stainless steel cover for corrosion protection

Economical and practical civil work

What are FXB-CT fixed bollards by Optima?

Optima FXB-CT crash-tested fixed bollards are intended to permanently block off the routes. It won’t be able to remove the fixed bollard again because it has been concreted into the ground. They are similar in appearance to hydraulic bollards. Military, governmental, and commercial structures or roadways that are permanently restricted to vehicular traffic can use Optima FXB-CT crash-certified fixed bollards. These bollards from the Optima are crash test certified to PAS 68: V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/21.7 zero penetration (This means that M50-P1 “zero penetration” according to American standard).

Optima Fixed Bollard FXB-CT (Zero penetration) Datasheet

Optional Accessories with Optima FRB-01 Bollards

  • Various colour options
  • Flashlight on top of the bollard
  • Decorative top flanges
  • Stop sign with mounting pedestal

Characteristic Features

  • Test parameters: PAS 68: V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/21.7 zero penetration
  • Equivalent to: K12, M50, ASTM F2656, IWA14
  • Height: 1250 mm
  • Diameter: 320 mm
  • Environmental durability: Hot dip galvanised and red oxide painted, finishing with painted yellow and black stripes
  • Type of steel: S275 (inner core), finishing 316 stainless steel sleeve

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