Why Morpho Sigma Lite Vs Morpho Sigma Lite Plus comparison?

IDEMIA Morpho Sigma is one of the most used biometric access control devices globally. The award-winning biometric product Morpho Access Sigma is commonly used in Banks, Airports, Factories, Corporate Offices, Government Facilities, Data Centers, Research Centers, and Casinos. The Morpho Sigma Lite and Morpho Sigma Lite+ are a part of the Morpho Sigma Family. After our article on Morpho Access Sigma vs Morpho Access Sigma Lite, we had received lots of doubts on Morpho Sigma Lite Vs Morpho Sigma Lite Plus, thus we decided to break down the differences and similarities between Morpho Sigma Lite Vs Morpho Sigma Lite Plus.

Morpho Sigma Lite and Morpho Sigma Lite Plus

Sigma Lite and Sigma Lite plus

Major Difference

The IDEMIA Morpho Access Sigma Lite is a powerful slim and sleek biometric access control device. It is specifically designed to be installed in narrow mounting surfaces such as turnstiles or server rack doors. The Morpho Access Sigma Lite Plus features an added functional touchscreen plus all the features of the Sigma lite. This is the major difference between Morpho Access Sigma Lite VS Morpho Access Sigma Lite Plus, but here we are also listing the minor differences between the 2 amazing Biometric Access control and Time Attendance devices.

Other Differences

  • Morpho Sigma Lite Plus has a Time & Attendance In & Out Function Keys, while Morpho Sigma Lite does not have any keys
  • Morpho Sigma Lite + has User ID, PIN and BioPIN management features.
  • Morpho Sigma Lite+ has intuitive icons and live messages feature.
  • The Morpho Sigma Lite has IK08 Anti Vandalism certification which the Sigma Lite + does not.

Unique Features Of Morpho Sigma Lite Series

1. Uses the World’s #1 fingerprint technology

  • Morpho fingerprint technology is ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy
  • Up to 10,000 users (30,000 templates) in 1:N identification mode
  • 1:10,000 user matching in 1 second
  • Accuracy maintained regardless of number of users in database
  • FBI PIV IQS certified optical sensor

2. Full set of card reader options

Morpho Sigma Lite Series, with its advanced biometric and credential technology, can read all the following latest technology cards or mobile devices.

  • Prox®
  • iClass®

3. Anti-fraud features

The Morpho Sigma Lite Series being the most technologically advanced and secure biometric access control device has the following security features.

  • Fake finger detection
  • Up to 10,000 users (30,000 templates) in 1:N identification mode
  • Duress finger
  • Timed anti-passback function
  • Banned/authorized user lists

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Reviews and Feedbacks

“We resell IDEMIA Morpho products and we can confidently vouch for Morpho Sigma Series as these readers are the ones on which have received the least amount of complaints.”

Shabeer Mohammed, Business Development Manager, Infome Technologies, Dubai, UAE.

“Being an integrator we always recommend IDEMIA Sigma readers as they are compatible with most of the other approved products and IDEMIA is highly reliable in terms of Quality and Safety.”

Shoaib Khazi, Business Development Specialist, Integrated Technology Work Solutions, Oman.

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