These days, access control systems are more prevalent in residential and industrial facilities. Many clients wish to integrate them in buildings, offices, and complexes. But how to plan an access control system project and Which aspects should we focus to develop this sort of installation?

To begin with, we have to know the client certain needs and what are the objectives when installing an access control system. Additionally, it is important to research previously the location in which we’ll develop the project. Both of these aspects are a key starting point in order to plan an access control system.

Planning an access control system project step by step

To plan an access control system project from the start is highly necessary to avoid errors and record the details of the project. The following steps should be a part of the access control project plan

As stated before, first we will need to talk to the customer about his requirements. Then, we have to evaluate which sort of identification apparatus is the best one for the job plus the ideal system: a distributed, centralized or autonomous.

It’s vital to understand the following facts to plan an access control system project:

  • The number of accesses to control
  • Number of user-managed with the access control
  • The type of accesses control they are (pedestrian, vehicular, etc).
  • Types of doors (glass, wood, iron, etc).

The construction or facilities strategy is another crucial part of our undertaking. In the plan, we should identify unique accesses and determinate which of these must be controlled by the computer system. In the identical design, we should locate unique readers/devices & know about the actual distance between them. Undoubtedly, another important aspect is to get a record of the space of the telecommunication registers and where the various electricity supplies will be installed.

The Personnel involved in the project

The preparation of this access control project will involve professionals or people whose position will be essential to the operation of the project. The principal player involved will be the installer or systems integrator. They’ll also have the support of this provider whose figure is indispensable such as the project manager.

If we choose a trusted manufacturer, this can give us ideas and support when planning a project, as a result of the work of the specialized team formed by engineers that can facilitate the job considerably. The manufacturer can provide:

  • Custom installation diagrams
  • Advise on the wiring
  • Advise on the optimal location of the different components

So as to plan an access control project properly, the first step would be to understand the actual needs of the end-user and to evaluate which systems are appropriate. The demands of the client are vital for the proper development of the project. Thus, we have to examine and attend them and in the best way possible.

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