Nothing is convenient and cooler than opening a gate with your smartphone. It is quick, easy, and practical and eliminates the need of opening, closing gates with the help of an external remote. In this article, we will share different ways of operating your entrance, exit, and garage gates with the convenience of a smartphone. Scroll down further to learn more.

Benefits of Opening a Gate with Mobile?


Before proceeding further, let’s learn the key benefits of opening and closing gates and doors with your smartphone.

Say Goodbye to a Remote Control


The number one benefit of opening a gate with your smartphone is you don’t always need to carry an extra remote control with you.

Plus there are no worries of losing the gate remote control or changing the batteries often.

Share Access

Another advantage is you don’t have to spend money on buying extra remote controls for your loved ones.

Instead, you can share and deny the gate access to whomever you like and stay in control


Another advantage is, operating the gates with your mobile phone is convenient. It saves a lot of time and gives you a feel of automating your life.

Easy to Use

Having the ability to control your doors from a smartphone is easy and convenient. It is made possible with the app integrated with your gate and allows you to share access and add desired configurations easily.

How to Open Gate with Smartphone?


Method 1 – Use Physical Relay Switch

One method is to use a physical relay switch to trigger the door opening circuit and operating the door with the help of a module that can connect your home server and mobile on the same server and communicate accordingly.

The drawback is, this method needs technical expertise and basic engineering knowledge for proper implementation.

Method 2 – Get a Smartphone Gate Control Interface

Coming to the second method, using a smartphone gate control interface. It is a special interface device you can install on your door and control it with the help of a mobile app.

These access control devices come with different ranges and capabilities depending on your needs and built to make your life a lot simpler.


Method 3 – Install a Gate Barrier System

Coming to the third method, let’s talk about installing an automatic gate barrier system at your entrance. It comes with a Bluetooth reader, that can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone.

We recommend the GEM DG-365 Plus reader for this task. It is easy to install, has a Bluetooth operating range of 50 meters, and can be used effectively with the E-Access app.


Summing up, we hope you know how to control a door from your smartphone directly. Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of access control systems and gate operators. Contact us today, to order a gate control interface delivered and make your life simpler.

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