Popularly known as APB by access control professionals and enthusiasts, Anti-Passback is a popular security feature that prevents the unwanted use of ID cards and blocks re-entry attempts. Continue reading this article to learn more about this feature, how it works, and its helpful benefits.

What is Anti-Passback? – Definition


Anti-passback is a simple access control system feature that doesn’t grant consecutive entries to one access cardholder. Here, the concept is to avoid the misuse of access cards and prevent multiple people from accessing highly secured zones with illegitimate means.

Though it may sound confusing sophisticated at first, Anti-passback is a useful security feature and comes integrated into different types of access control systems today. The Anti-passback feature requires two access points (one for entrance and the other for exit) for successful implementation.

How Does This Feature Work?


The anti-passback feature requires using access cards in a specific sequence and two access readers to work successfully. For every use of access card on the entrance (in) access reader, there must be a use of access card on the exit (out) access reader before using the entrance (in) access reader again. For proper execution, this in-out-in-out sequence should be followed.

Let’s understand this security feature with the help of an example.

John enters the office, by tapping his access card on the entrance gate access reader and gets out by tapping the access card on the exit gate access reader. Here a sequence “in-out” is working well.

Now suppose, John taps the access card on the entrance gate access reader and doesn’t enter his office. Instead, he taps the entrance gate reader again.

So what do you think will happen here? Will John get access?

Well, the answer is John will not get access, because the access reader has utilized the anti-passback feature to block his access. The reason being, he didn’t enter the office and tapped on the exit entrance reader, so an “in-in” sequence has occurred instead of an “in-out” sequence.

Advantages of Anti-Passback Feature


Prevent Misuse of Access Cards

The core purpose of the anti-passback feature is to prevent users from misusing access cards. It also discourages your employees and workers from sharing access cards to gain access in the facilities.

Makes Your Workspace Safe & Secure

Anti-passback improves the security and privacy of your workspace and makes it safer for your employees. With the help of this security feature, no outside can access your facilities via illegitimate methods like following or tailgating one of your employees.

Gives a Clear Idea of Who is Present in Your Facility

Another advantage is you can have a clear idea of who is present in a zone and at what time. This makes the feature ideal for security controlled locations like parking areas and workspace buildings.

Types of Anti-Passback in Access Control Systems


Logical Anti-Passback

Logical anti-passback is a standard type of anti-passback where the system must see a user card get in and out of an area before entering again. Its primary purpose is to avoid the practice of tailgating between users for gaining unauthorized access in restricted zones.

Timed Logical Anti-Passback

In timed-logical anti-passback, if the user violates logical anti-passback rules, he or she will be allowed to reenter the area after a set period of time. This is perfect for office environments, where employees may get trapped in an area unknowingly.

Timed Anti-Passback

The goal of timed anti-passback is to prevent a person from entering the same area twice during a set time duration (which is decided by the system admin). This is useful in zones where there is no out reader and only an exit button is available to go out.

Brands That Offer Access Card Readers with Anti-Passback Feature



With over 30 years of experience, Paxton is a pioneer in designing secure and robust access control systems. All of its card readers come with anti-passback features, that you can configure easily from the admin panel.



HID Global is an innovative brand with a global presence in more than 100 countries and works with a vision of powering trusted identities. It makes reliable and smart access control readers supporting an anti-passback feature that you can easily activate with the help of a software application.



Allegion is a pioneer in designing world-class door security solutions with the help of its 30 brands and global presence in 130 countries. It represents style, design, and performance in the access control realm.



ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in designing and producing redefining access control solutions. All of its access readers come with antipassback, Wiegand, and other important security features.


Choosing access control readers with an anti-passback feature is a brilliant idea to make your workspace and facilities secure, private, and safe for people. It amazingly prevents re-entry attempts into restricted zones and significantly reduces the risks of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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