Effective access control is more important than ever in the security-conscious world of today. Leading the way with a wide range of access control systems that are expertly designed to safeguard your assets with unmatched accuracy is Paxton Access UK. Paxton’s position as the preferred option for installers worldwide has been cemented by its extensive presence in more than 50 countries. But what sets Paxton apart from the competition? Come along as we reveal the benefits of choosing Paxton Access UK as your go-to partner for access control.

What is Paxton?

What is Paxton
Paxton is a global leader in innovative access control systems, operating in 60 countries. It is not just another security firm. Paxton, which is well-known for its installer-centric methodology, protects almost 25,000 buildings a year, reaffirming its position as the world leader in physical security systems. Paxton is headquartered in the thriving UK city of Brighton and has a network of regional offices spread around 12 countries, which increases its accessibility and reach.
With a focus on modern facilities’ varied requirements, Paxton offers a range of innovative products, including standalone, networked, and web-based access control systems. From centralised control with Paxton Net2 to offline solutions like Paxton Standalone and cutting-edge surveillance management with Paxton10, Paxton revolutionises security with unprecedented capabilities.

Why Paxton Access UK Should Be Your Access Control Partner?

With a reputation for expertise and a worldwide reach, Paxton is prepared to transform your security experience. Paxton is the best option for your access control requirements for the following eight reasons:

Proudly Made in the UK

Proudly Made in the UK
With Paxton’s access control systems, you may experience the quintessential British workmanship. Every product is painstakingly made in the United Kingdom, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and innovation that you can rely on.

Five-Year Warranty

Five-Year Warranty
Purchasing security should not be associated with risk. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive 5-year guarantee from Paxton, which offers long-lasting protection for your investment.

Simple, Scalable Yet Robust ACS

Simple, Scalable Yet Robust ACS
It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate the intricacies of access control. Solutions from Paxton are easy to apply and resistant to deterioration. Scalability is available to you with Paxton, regardless of the size of the site you’re managing—a small facility or a large complex.

One-Time License Software

One-Time License Software
With Paxton’s one-time licence software, you can wave goodbye to the inconvenience of ongoing costs. Introducing affordable alternatives that will boost your company without breaking the bank.

Intuitive Color-Coded Control Panel

Intuitive Color-Coded Control Panel
Simplicity is the ultimate elegance in a complicated world. Navigation is streamlined and access control administration is made simple by Paxton’s color-coded control panel. Take charge quickly and easily with the help of appealing graphics and user-friendly design.

Fully IP-Based Solutions

Fully IP-Based Solutions
With Paxton’s fully integrated, IP-based solutions, you can embrace the security of the future. Smart security solutions that change with your demands are here to replace that antiquated technology.


When it comes to the deployment of security, time is of the importance. Recognising the urgency, Paxton offers solutions that are ready to use and include a 5-meter Ethernet cord that comes up with each reader for a hassle-free setup.

Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration
Leading the way in seamless integration across many brands and systems, Paxton guarantees compatibility without requiring any hassel.

Paxton’s Diverse Range of Access Control Solutions

At the very heart of security excellence is Paxton Access UK, which is all about sophistication and dependability. Paxton provides cutting-edge security systems, ranging from controllers to cameras, that are specifically designed to protect your assets with unmatched accuracy and dependability.

    • Controllers: Paxton’s simplified controllers, which are completely connected with access control software for best performance, let you manage readers, locks, and exit buttons.
    • Readers & Keypads: With Paxton’s readers and keypads, which feature best-in-class build quality and compatibility with a large variety of tokens and access cards, you may redefine design and functionality.
    • Cards & Tokens: Suitable with Paxton’s Net2, Standalone, and Paxton10 access control systems, Paxton’s wash-proof cards and tokens offer longevity and durability.
    • Entry Panels & Monitors: With Paxton’s Door Entry Solutions, you can increase door security to new levels. These products include audio/video monitors and entry panels with amazing capabilities.
    • Cameras: Dome and wall cameras from Paxton provide excellent construction quality and scalability for busy installations, enhancing video monitoring and surveillance.
    • PaxLocks: Increase your door security with Paxton’s PaxLock line, which includes wireless door locks with modern finishes and an IK10 impact certification.

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Paxton Access UK

In a Nutshell

Paxton Access UK stands out as a leader in dependability, creativity, and trust in the ever-changing world of security solutions. Paxton is prepared to revolutionise your access control experience with its strong history of British craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Therefore, instead of settling for average, use Paxton to increase your level of security. Get a demo from Stebilex Systems today to start your path towards a smarter, safer future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Paxton Access UK systems be seamlessly integrated with existing security infrastructure, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems?

Yes, Paxton Access UK systems work smoothly with existing safety systems, such as CCTV and alarms. Their user-friendly features facilitate seamless coordination, therefore improving the overall security of your facility without causing any disruptions.

How does Paxton ensure the security and confidentiality of access control data, especially in networked systems?

Paxton places a high value on privacy and security. Your access control data is protected by network protocols and strong encryption. Paxton implements strict safeguards to guarantee data integrity amongst networked systems.

What kind of support and training does Paxton offer to installers and end-users for efficient system setup and maintenance?

Paxton provides thorough training and assistance for end users as well as installations. From system configuration to upkeep, Paxton guarantees effective functioning. By offering customised training courses and committed support, Paxton guarantees that you get the most out of your access control system.

Can Paxton access control solutions be customised to meet specific security requirements or regulatory compliance needs?

Access control systems from Paxton may be easily tailored to match unique security requirements and comply with regulations. Customised setups provide you peace of mind and flexibility by guaranteeing that your system meets all of your needs.

How does Paxton address concerns regarding system downtime and reliability, particularly in mission-critical environments?

With strong design and fine craftsmanship, Paxton allays worries about system dependability and downtime. Paxton guarantees continuous operation, particularly in mission-critical situations, by using robust materials and stringent testing procedures.

What measures does Paxton take to future-proof its access control systems against evolving security threats and technology advancements?

By taking preventative action and engaging in ongoing innovation, Paxton remains ahead of security risks and technological breakthroughs. Paxton makes sure your access control system is robust and flexible by providing frequent upgrades and future-proof designs.

Does Paxton provide remote monitoring and management capabilities for access control systems, and if so, what features are available?

Yes, Paxton offers access control system remote monitoring and administration features. System diagnostics, access control management, and real-time notifications are some of the features. You maintain control and guarantee security from any location at any time with remote access.

Can Paxton's access control solutions accommodate different types of access credentials, such as biometric authentication or mobile access?

Mobile access and biometric authentication are only two of the access credentials that Paxton’s access control systems provide. From conventional key cards to state-of-the-art technology, Paxton guarantees flexibility and smooth integration for a wide range of customer requirements.

Who is the leading supplier of Paxton solutions in UAE?

You can buy a diverse range of Paxton products from Stebilex Systems in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Egypt, and Iran. For more information, you can connect with our sales team.