Reopening Safely with Automated Doors in Muharraq, Bahrain

Automated doors have been part of entry access systems at the airports, railway stations, or sensitive areas inside buildings for a long time now. However, with growing concern over the health and safety of people as businesses and educational institutions reopen, the primary benefit of utilising automatic doors is that they are contactless and safe and reduces hand contact with outside door handles.

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Many businesses are pushing for automatic entry management technologies to reopen, in the hopes to control contagion from the hands. They have already become an essential part of healthcare facilities, where a lot of people enter and exit. Likewise in warehouses working with products and where there are alot of loading and unloading is happening everyday automatic doors are fundamental. They are especially useful to manage access at educational institutions.

Automatic doors can modernise the aesthetics of the facility and are properly easy to maintain and are cost-effective. But before deciding if an automatic door is a right choice for a facility, system integrators or distributors should get an idea on the types and operations offered by automatic doors and the level of safety required.


Why Automatic Doors

Energy-efficient automatic doors help in improving space utilisation and user experience. There are several vital reasons automated doors are used at facilities

Compliance with accessibility requirements

In many countries, it is a legal responsibility to provide appropriate access to your premises for people with disabilities. The automatic swing doors come with motion detection or pressure sensitivity, which allows convenient access to users with mobility issues.

Safety and Convenience

Automatic doors come with several safety features and are a much safer alternative to manually operated doors. It eliminates the possibility of injury if the doors accidentally shut on a finger or arm. This feature is especially suitable for schools where children access doors very often.

Energy Efficiency

Automatic swing doors aid in saving energy costs by preventing doors from being left open in busy areas, thus keeping the temperature inside cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving operational costs in the long term.

Access Control Security

The automatic doors can be integrated with access control systems, in hospitals and banks, the ID cards are usually used as access cards. The automatic doors can be paired with access control systems like coded keypads, UHF readers and biometric scanners. This secures the area from unauthorised access.

Automatic door types

Automatic doors come in many types Sliding Swinging Folding Revolving

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors are mostly used in busy areas and effective two-way traffic through a single entry. Sliding doors usually These doors should be equipped with an emergency swing feature to ensure code compliance. Automatic sliding doors require an adequate amount of room in which the door can slide.

Automatic swinging doors

Typically two doors are required operated in one direction, automated swing doors can be configured for two-way traffic setting – one swinging inward and one swinging outward. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) advises a minimum of 11 feet of space between the two doors to give some separation and to eliminate sensor interference between the two swing doors.

Automatic folding doors

Folding swing doors are usually installed in areas with space challenges, yet provides plenty of clear door space.

Revolving doors

Automatic revolving doors come in our-wing, three-wing and two-wing designs and are manufactured as a complete solution. The revolving doors come with a drive at the centre column and sensors in the enclosure for automatic operation.

Our door automation solutions from FAAC & GEM

Whether you are looking to replace a standard doorway or upgrade an existing automatic swing door, we can provide you with the right fit for your facility. We offer swing door operators and a variety of sensors and access control systems from leading manufacturers like FAAC and GEM in Muharraq, Bahrain.

FAAC A951 Swing Internal Door Operator

The FAAC A951 controls doors opening and closing with silent and smooth operation and allows users to easily open doors via a button, sensor or remote control. Manufactured in compliance with EN16005 and operates on low energy and silently drives leaves weighing 100kg and 1100mm wide on continuous duty.

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FAAC 950N2 Swing Door Operator

The A951 controls doors opening and closing with silent and smooth operation and integration with button, sensor or remote control. Double leaf operation can be managed using a master /slave configuration. The operator meets EN16005 standards and is capable of driving leaves weighing up to 100kg and 1100mm wide on continuous duty.

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GEM Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 Door Operator

GEM Gianni’s Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 automatic door operator consists of IR-SSS-5S1 Infrared Safety Sensor, DG-800 Bluetooth enabled proximity reader, and other parts including power supply, electromagnetic lock and exit button. It offers completely contactless door access control for various facilities including sports centres, public libraries, parks, schools and large buildings.

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Ideal Applications

Our door automation systems are supplied for a wide variety of commercial, educational, hospitality, healthcare, institutional, industrial and transportation applications, but it is especially suited for use in the education sector—the first step to a practical technology implementation at schools and universities. By automating access and security at these organisations, one can not only cut down on manual procedures, but they can also ensure a healthy and hygienic environment.

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