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FAAC Group, originally known as Fabbrica Automatismi Apertura Cancelli (FAAC) is one of the earliest gate automation brands in the world.

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About FAAC

FAAC access control systems

FAAC, an Italian group founded in 1965, is a pioneering brand for gate automation and physical security solutions in the world. With 16 production sites in 13 countries and three business units, FAAC provides solutions for Door Automations, Vehicle Barriers, Access Controllers, Bollards, Turnstiles etc. FAAC has a long and growing list of patents in the access control product development, providing some of the cutting edge solutions available today. FAAC Group companies, Magnetic and HUB Parking Technologies are leading solution providers of automatic gates,

parking access gates and scalable solutions to control and manage paid car parks. The solutions from the FAAC group enhance security and access control at some of the largest stadiums, airports, and transport hubs, etc. Being a leading supplier of physical security solutions in Al Rayyan, Qatar, and the rest of the GCC, Stebilex brings trusted products from FAAC with the quickest delivery time across Al Rayyan,  Qatar, and the Middle East. Our sales team is just a call away to help you to find the right product for your business.

Solutions From FAAC

Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control Systems

FAAC’s KEYDOM access control system is designed and manufactured for both large and small businesses. The scalable system controls both pedestrian and vehicle accesses for employees and visitors. The system is ideal for use in companies and offices, transport and logistics, tourism, health and public administration sectors.
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Traffic and Pedestrian control bollards from FAAC enable protection of historical and quite areas of a city. FAAC’s Bollard design balances both aesthetics and security. FAAC offers many retractable and automatically operable bollards to allow enhanced traffic control.
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Vehicle Barriers

FAAC automatic vehicle barriers are a simple and reliable solution for managing entry access to business areas, industrial zones, motorways etc. FAAC gate barriers come with automatic gate opening systems to provide optimised parking control.
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Gate and Door Automation

FAAC has been providing automation systems for gates, doors and industrial entry doors. An extensive range of products from FAAC automates swing-gates, residential gates, tilting doors, sectional garage doors, industrial doors and automatic building entrances. They feature quality, safety and ease of use and installation and offer energy-savings.
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Turnstiles and Magnetic Products

Magnetic, a part of FAAC Group is a world-renowned solution provider for innovative access control for pedestrian and vehicle gates. The company provides parking barriers, turnstile gates, and swing gates for highly frequented ticket verification gates, boarding gates /immigration gates, and park and sports arena entrances. Visit Magnetic

Parking Management System

A part of FAAC Group, HUB Parking Technology is a leading specialist in parking solutions. The company provides efficient all-inclusive parking management solutions for car parks and automated systems for valet (paid) parking. HUB Parking Technology delivers turnkey solutions with scalability for parking and supplies all necessary hardware and software. Visit HUB Parking Technology.

Control Boards and Accessories

FAAC gate automation systems provide efficient operation and ease of application on the gate or door to enable convenience and safety in one solution. Most of FAAC systems and accessories comply with safety regulations while providing the desired customisation.
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J200 Bollards

The J200 bollards from FAAC come in hydraulic, semi-automatic and fixed versions. Built with steel or painted steel variants, the traffic bollards offer simplified maintenance and high levels of protection.

Products: J200 HA, J200 SA, J200 F

J275 Bollards

The J275 Bollards for FAAC come in retractable, fixed and semi-automatic variants. FAAC J275 bollards allow intensive use, are easily installed and maintained offering reliability.

Products: J275 HA V2, J275 SA, J275 F, J275 HA 2K, J275 F 2K,

J355 Bollards

FAAC J355 series bollards are certified to provide perimeter security and define, protect and regulate vehicle access to sensitive areas. J355 allows complete aesthetic coherence in mixed installations.

Product: J355 HA M30-P1, J355 F M30-P1, J355 HA M50, J355 F M50


Vehicle Barriers

FAAC Vehicle barriers offer anti-crashing safety and adjustable opening/closing speed for barrier booms to provide smooth operation. They are easy to maintain and deliver intuitive programming.

Products: B614, 615BPR, 620 (rapid,standard,SR), 640, B680


External automated swing gate systems

FAAC automatic gate systems transform existing gates and swing gates to detect person and vehicle movements and operate automatically with its innovative gate opening systems.

Products: 391, 390 230V, 412, 413 230V, 415 230V, 415 24V, S418, 402, S450H, 422, 400

Underground automated swing gate systems

FAAC automation systems for underground swing gates unite practicality and aesthetic appeal. While keeping the gates visually the same they offer the convenience of automatic operation.
Products: 770N 230V, 770N 24V, S800H ENC, S800 ENC

Automated sectional garage door systems

The sectional door automation systems by FAAC offers fast and safe opening and is ideal for intensive usage requirements. FAAC Sectional Door automation is typically used in condominium and residential applications.

Products: D600, D700 HS, D1000

Automated tilting garage door systems

The FAAC automation systems for tilting doors is adaptable to operate with all garage opening requirements. The system features low energy consumption and high levels of safety.

Products: 550, 593, 580

Automation systems for industrial doors

Automatic industrial door systems from FAAC offer either vertical or lateral sliding options or alternatively as winding door opening. The system is ideal for warehouses and loading bays with large doors.
Products: 540, 541, 541 3PH

Automation systems for pedestrian doors

The FAAC automatic pedestrian doors occupy minimal space and are incredibly silent and adaptable. FAAC offers both sliding and swing door automation system.

Products: A1000, A1400 AIR, A1400 AIR RD, 950N2, A951


KEYDOM access control Readers

The state-of-the-art access control readers from FAAC offer accurate fastest reading with the use of its System-On-Module (SOM) Network Controller unit. It provides simplified access control and optimises the cabling.


Access Control Management Sofware

FAAC offers a range of access control software solutions for access control management. The EMBEDDED version is pre-installed in the Network Controller management system, and comes in two versions – physical or virtual X64 server architectures.


Access Control Unit

The robust control system of KEYDOM access control system has the compact System-On-Module (SOM) Network Controller at its core. The controller is capable of managing all access connection, including input and output in a simplified manner.



Electronic boards

FAAC provides electronic boards specially designed for all of its products that enable gate automation using hydraulic and electromechanical actuators to gear motors for sliding gates and barriers.

Products: 578D, 780D, E045, E145, E024S, E124, 740D, E721, 844T, 884T, E850S, E600, E700 HS, E1000, 540BPR, 200MPS, E550, E614, 615BPR, 624BLD, E680, JE275,

Transmitters and Receivers

Featuring cutting-edge technology, FAAC radio control devices reduce the risk of interference and cloning.

Products: 868MHz SLH LR System, 433MHz SLH LR System, SLHP LR System, 433MHz RC System

Control Systems for gate

The control systems, for FAAC gate automation, range from simple pulse generators, electronic devices to devices for special applications.

Products: T20 I, T21 I – T21 IF, T20 E, T21 E – T21 EF, XK10, XK11, XK10 B,
XK11 B, XK30, XTR B, XKP B, XKP W, FG1 – FG2, XTS, XRS

Safety Devices

Safety devices from FAAC offer ease of application, superior control and safety to the gate automation system. The new range of FAAC photocells and FAAC safety edge are two certified safety devices available for FAAC autogate systems.

Products: XL24 L, XLED, XP 30, XP 30B, XP 20 D, XP 20B D, XP 20W D, MSE 110 wireless, XS 55, M60

Automation systems for industrial doors

Automatic industrial doors systems from FAAC offer either vertical or lateral sliding options or alternatively available as winding door opening. The system is ideal for warehouses and loading bays with large doors.
Products: 540, 541, 541 3PH

Automation systems for pedestrian doors

The FAAC automatic pedestrian doors occupy minimal space and are incredibly silent and adaptable. FAAC offers both sliding and swing door automation system.

Products: A1000, A1400 AIR, A1400 AIR RD, 950N2, A951


Special Entrances

FAAC provides automation systems for pre-existing doors along with full door solutions, which can satisfy all architectural and stylistic needs. Two types of solution are available: profiles with a reduced section and profiles with a larger section.


AIRSLIDE is and automation systems for doors with an integrated air barrier. The special air barrier is combined in the AIRSLIDE to ensure greater insulation between the indoor and outdoor environments. The automatic door is ideal for installation at hotels, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, pharmacies and airports entrances.

Products: AIRSLIDE

Folding Door Automation System

Suitable for use where there is limited space available, FAAC foldable automatic doors are a viable solution to make use of the all the space available.

Products: SF1400

Rototranslating door

The automation system for rotating doors is equipped with a unique opening movement that allows simultaneous retraction of the door leaves. It is ideal for use in environments that do not allow for the installation of a classic lateral sliding door.

Products: GBF1500-1600

Anti Vandalism Door Automation

FAAC automatic anti-vandalism doors are designed to provide security against break-ins with a class RC3 break-in resistance safety feature that holds European standard EN 1627 certification. It is a perfect solution for shops, supermarkets and sensitive environments.

Products: SKR35

Doors for Sterile Environments

FAAC automatic doors for sterile environments come as sliding or swing doors and help save lives by preventing bacterial contamination in areas such as hospital, clinics, or laboratories.

Products: FHE Sliding, FHE Swing

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