ZASP HA101-800 Hydraulic Automatic Bollard

With integrated hydraulic RAM, the HA101-800 automated rising bollard is a traffic control device that is easier to install and less expensive than standard varieties. Because it is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and passed stringent stability testing, it may be used in a variety of high-security vehicle access areas, such as parks and parking lots.

Key Features

  • Simple Installation
    Easy setup ensures rapid and economical deployment.
  • Corrosion-resistant Material
    Long-lasting 304/316 stainless steel was used in construction.
  • Dependable Performance
    Passed the demanding tests for stable functioning assurance with success.
  • Quick Lifting Ability
    The range of variable lifting times is 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Quick Release Capability
    Enables manual lowering in an emergency or during a power outage.

Introducing a state-of-the-art traffic control system built for convenience and effectiveness: the HA101-800 Automatic Rising Bollard. Its well-crafted φ400×1350mm dimensions and 217±1mm bollard diameter guarantee dependability and longevity. There are customization choices for a bollard thickness of 6±1mm and a diameter of 271mm. Its movable elevation above the ground (from 600 to 1000 mm) meets a range of requirements.

The HA101-800 features an inbuilt LED light for improved visibility and a quick rising time of 3.8 seconds. This automated rising bollard’s certifications by SGS, CE, and IP68 attest to its dependability and efficiency. Rust and corrosion resistance are ensured by its sturdy structure made of 304 stainless steel (316 optional). It is up to you to decide what shade you want to fit in with your surroundings.

This bollard is an Automatic bollard that comes safely packed in wooden crates. Because of the built-in hydraulic ram, installation is simple and less expensive than with older versions. It runs smoothly thanks to a smooth connection to the primary power and control system.

The HA101-800 is put through a battery of performance tests, including temperature evaluations, IP68 water and dustproof testing, and 5000 lifting tests after it has undergone stability testing by SGS. Its adaptability also includes a range of lifting durations, from three to five seconds. It guarantees car release in the event of an emergency or power failure thanks to its emergency release system.

The HA101-800 has applications in districts, pedestrian streets, parks, scenic locations, schools, fire exits, squares, and parking lots. It is best suited for high-frequency, high-security vehicle access zones. For a seamless combination of protection and ease, get this cutting-edge automated rising bollard, which is offered by Stebilex Systems in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

About ZASP

Beijing ZhuoAoShiPeng Technology was founded in 2009 and is a leading manufacturer of durable safety barriers for hostile vehicles. Road blockers, tyre killers and hydraulic automatic bollards are some of their high-security goods that are utilised all over the world in places like stadiums, airports and schools. With more than 12 years of experience, they guarantee the highest level of security.

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Additional information

Brands ZASP
Product Code/Part Number: ZASP HA101-800

ZASP HA101-800 Hydraulic Automatic Bollard

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the HA101-800 Automatic Bollard ideal for traffic control?

With a 3.8-second rising time, the HA101-800 ensures effective vehicle management and performs exceptionally well in traffic control. Its inbuilt hydraulic RAM makes installation easier, which makes it the perfect choice.

How does the integrated hydraulic RAM enhance the HA101-800 Bollard's installation?

The bollard’s hydraulic RAM simplifies installation while saving money and requiring little maintenance. This design decision guarantees a seamless connection with primary power and control systems.

What are the corrosion-resistant features of the HA101-800 Bollard?

The HA101-800 is built to last since it is composed of 304 stainless steel (316 optional). This assures resistance to rust and corrosion. The longevity of the bollard is increased by this feature, particularly in harsh environmental circumstances.

What testing standards have the HA101-800 Bollard passed for stability assurance?

The HA101-800 has been put through a comprehensive testing programme that includes temperature evaluations, IP68 water and dust-resistant testing, and 5000 lifting tests. These SGS certificates attest to its dependability and steady functioning.

How quick is the lifting ability of the HA101-800 Automatic Bollard?

With a 3.8-second lifting time, the HA101-800 guarantees a quick response in high-frequency vehicle access zones. Security and traffic flow are improved by this feature.

Can the HA101-800 Bollard be manually lowered during emergencies?

Yes, the bollard has an emergency release mechanism that enables manual lowering in case of calamity or power loss. This guarantees a prompt and managed reaction to unforeseen circumstances.

What customization options are available for the HA101-800 Bollard's dimensions?

Customised dimensions, such as modifications in bollard diameter and height, are available with the HA101-800. Because of its adaptability, the bollard may be made to meet the needs of a particular location and function at its best.

How does the HA101-800 Bollard ensure visibility and safety with its LED lights?

The HA101-800’s LED lights improve visibility and encourage safety in a variety of situations. The lights help with efficient traffic control by providing visible signs, particularly in low light.

What certifications does the HA101-800 Automatic Bollard hold for reliability?

The CE, IP68, and SGS certifications for the HA101-800 demonstrate its dependability and compliance with global standards. These certificates attest to its applicability in a variety of settings.

Where can the HA101-800 Bollard be effectively utilized?

The adaptable HA101-800 works well in a variety of locations, such as squares, parks, schools, pedestrian streets, districts, and parking lots. It is perfect for different entry points because of its high-security design.

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