Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollards RB343 (Drill Drive) by Tiso

TiSO semi-automatic bollards RB 343 are the ideal solution for effective vehicle access control in cases of frequent power disruption. They are operated by a drill drive system that controls their rise and fall.


Manage low-intensity traffic with robust bollards

RB 343 bollards come with reflective tape,
a drill adapter, and installation casing

Upgradation available as per
the needs of the user

Versatile bollards that are applicable at a wide variety of locations

What are Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollards by Tiso?


TiSO drill drive bollards are designed to fit installations without access to a power source. The drill impact, which moves the blocking segment up or down in accordance with the screw direction, determines the operating principle. Due to the lack of consumables in its operation and the concept of its design, this solution is intended to manage low-intensity traffic and is characterized by exceptional life. The range is divided into groups based on the type of tube, its diameter, and the blocking segment’s rising height.

Download Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollards Data Sheet

Where can you apply Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollards by TiSO


  • Commercial locations
  • Financial institutions
  • Airport premises
  • Business (Office) centres
  • Hotels
  • Sport complexes
  • Recreation places
  • Military bases
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Production sites (industrial plants)
  • Urban regions
  • Educational institutions, and others.

What upgrade options are available for Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollards?


  • LED indication
  • Sound signal
  • Any RAL colour
  • Additional keys
  • Traffic Lights
  • Anti-vandal screws

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