PERCo TTD-10А Box Tripod Turnstile (Bi-directional passage, IP54 Protection, anti-panic barrier)

With modular design and automatic anti-panic functionality, the TTD-10А Box Tripod Turnstile from PERCo allows easy integration with any access control system. The TTD-10A offers a modular design to enable the integration of additional equipment like fare collection systems, coin-box, or access control readers.

Key Features

  • Easy integration with any access control system
  • Offers a modular design for integration of additional equipment
  • Automatic anti-panic function


The TTD-10A turnstile comes with built-in electronics and a sturdy stainless steel body that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation depending on the facility requirement. However, the outdoor application is not possible if the turnstile is modified for the card reader and coin acceptor. PERCo offers a wide range of turnstile modules and side covers designed for additional equipment. TTD-10A can be placed in the housing and the covers come with screens for indicating turnstile operation. The automatic anti-panic barrier arms in TTD-10A allow clear passage in emergencies.

Turnstile has a comfortable passage zone width (560 mm). Control board allows an emergency passage opening on the fire567 alarm signal (input Fire Alarm) and has inputs for connection of intrusion detector with siren and outputs for connection of remote indicators. In the one at a time mode, it can manage 30 people/minute, and it manages 60 people in one minute in the free flow mode.

TTD-08A can be installed on the railing and has a mean lifetime of 8 years and the average time to failure is after 4,000,000 passages. Suitable for high pedestrian flow, multiple box tripods installed in one line can make up the passageway area for public transportation facilities without extra investment. You can order TTD-08A from Stebilex System in the Middle East.

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