Paxton TOUCHLOCK Stainless Steel Keypad K50

The robust Paxton TOUCHLOCK K50 stainless steel variant of Paxton’s K series single door access control system is used with both Switch2 and Net2 systems. TOUCHLOCK K50 stainless steel keypads come in three different sizes and are toughened to withstand high wear and tear use.

Key Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Compatible for Use with Switch2 or Net2 systems
  • 4 to 8 digit codes, up to 50 codes
The stainless steel TOUCHLOCK K50’s control unit reads the PIN code entered using keypad to grant or deny access. The Keypad is an easy to install device needing only 16 mm depth mounting surface. Around 25,000 buildings each year are secured globally with Paxton products. Stebilex Systems is an official supplier for Paxtons leading access control devices in the Middle East. Order Paxton TOUCHLOCK K series keypads Stebilex to benefit from competitive prices.

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Brands Paxton
Product Code 352-110-EX

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