LenelS2 LNL 2220 Controller

The LNL 2220 controller is an excellent intelligent dual reader controller (IDRC) from LenelS2, formerly Lenel. Lenel LNL 2220 revolutionises access control systems design by allowing the Ethernet connection directly from an entry location to the server. It provides a single board solution deployment for one or two doors and provides scalability for access control applications for advanced applications.

  • Ethernet connection directly from entry-point to OnGuard server
  • Battery-backed, non-volatile storage of 50,000 events
  • Supports up to 16 different formats (8 card formats and 8 asset formats)
  • Scalable for application in most basic to sophisticated access systems

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Lenel LNL 2220 provides all the security, functionality, and modularity of Lenel controllers’ proven hardware platform by providing up to eight times the throughput of serial-to-Ethernet conversion used in previous generation devices. The highly efficient controller LNL 2220 can also store up to 250,000 cardholders in non-volatile flash memory and supports selective download for larger cardholder databases.

On-board reader ports support D1/D0, Clock/Data, F2F, and the OSDP open standard for bi-directional communication with access readers. Stebilex Systems, a specialised dealer in access control technology provides a wide range of Lenel door controller systems suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. Buy LNL 2220 at the best price in the Middle East from Stebilex today. Each LNL-2220 supports up to eight different card formats.

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