Hormann Fixed Bollards F 275-M30-1200 FF

Hormann’s fixed bollard F 275-M30-1200 FF with reinforced ground fitting is suitable for buildings and areas without a proper driveway. Using the fixed bollards, the driveways can be made secure by ensuring easy and fast vehicle movement.

Key Features

  • These bollards can be used in combination with automatic removable high-security bollards because of their cylinders in matching appearance.

The sturdy Hormann Fixed Bollard F 275-M30-1200 FF is intended to strengthen structures and locations without a traditional driveway. These bollards, which are made with a reinforced ground fitting, blend in perfectly with concrete surfaces while providing unwavering security. These fearsome bollards, measuring 273 mm in diameter and 1200 mm in height, can endure impact energies of up to 1,200,000 J with destruction and 700,000 J without it.Its adaptability extends to combined use with automated and detachable high-security bollards, owing to matching cylinder looks, providing a full security solution for a variety of contexts. Designed to maintain security without sacrificing ease of use, the Hormann Fixed Bollard F 275-M30-1200 FF is a reliable defender of areas and properties.

These bollards, with their approved M30, K4, PAS68, and IWA14-1 standards, offer peace of mind whether they are protecting entrances or demarcating borders. Adding a rectangular bottom plate makes it easier to integrate with automated bollards, which improves usefulness and versatility.

In addition, a steel cylinder with a removable stainless steel sleeve ensures a well-balanced combination of strength and style by providing both visual appeal and longevity. These dependable permanent bollards strengthen areas with unparalleled sophistication and endurance, elevating security with ease.

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Use Stebilex Systems, your go-to source for innovative security solutions, to up your security game. Leading the Middle East and GCC supply chain, Stebilex guarantees high-quality products like Hormann’s F 275-M30-1200 FF fixed bollards. Invest in the best for unmatched dependability and safety. Get in touch with Stebilex right now to fortify your surroundings.

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Additional information

Brands Hormann
Product Code/Part Number: F 275-M30-1200 FF

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hormann Fixed Bollards F 275-M30-1200 FF?

Hormann Fixed Bollards F 275-M30-1200 FF are strong security posts intended for buildings lacking appropriate roadways. Due to their strengthened ground fitting, they are strong and appropriate for a range of uses.

How do these bollards enhance security for buildings?

By forming a strong barrier, these bollards improve building security. By use of strengthened ground fittings, they manage vehicle access efficiently, guaranteeing the safety and convenience of authorised vehicles.

Can Hormann Fixed Bollards be used without a driveway?

Without a doubt! For locations without driveways, these bollards are ideal. Their robust ground fitting guarantees a safe installation, which makes them an adaptable option for boosting security in many settings.

What makes Hormann's bollards suitable for fast vehicle movement?

Hormann bollards are designed to combine strength with strengthened ground fitting to allow for quick vehicle movement. This maintains security without sacrificing how well vehicles can reach different locations.

Can these bollards be combined with automatic removable bollards?

They certainly can. Automatic detachable high-security bollards can be effortlessly integrated with Hormann Fixed bollards. They are the perfect addition to all-inclusive security systems because of their functional design and coordinating look.

What is the appearance of the cylinders in these bollards?

These bollards’ cylinders have a coordinating look that makes them a unified and visually beautiful security option. This focus on detail guarantees that their design is harmonious both aesthetically and functionally.

Are Hormann Fixed Bollards easy to install?

Yes, installation is really simple. Installing the reinforced ground fitting is made easier by its ease of setting in concrete. Because of its simplicity, greater security may be set up quickly and effectively.

How do these bollards contribute to vehicle access control?

Hormann Fixed Bollards serve as a sturdy barrier that makes a substantial contribution to vehicle access control. Their layout guarantees the smooth operation of authorised vehicles while successfully preventing unauthorised entrance.

What materials are used in Hormann Fixed Bollards?

These bollards are made of sturdy materials and have a steel cylinder with a stainless steel sleeve that can be changed. The durability and efficacy of this strong structure are guaranteed in a range of security applications.

Where can I install Hormann F 275-M30-1200 FF Bollards?

These bollards are adaptable and appropriate for a range of settings. Hormann F 275-M30-1200 FF Bollards provide a versatile and efficient option for safeguarding structures, areas without driveways, or in conjunction with other security measures.

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