Hormann Automatic Bollards A 275-M50-900 E

Automatic bollards A 275-M50-900 E from Hormann has two wear-free brushless motors which make it service-friendly. The bollard is best suitable for high-frequency operations as it can be used at a frequency of 2000 cycles per day.

Key Features

  • The bollard is environment-friendly as it uses electromechanical operation.
  • The maintenance requirements are low since no inspection is needed for hydraulic components, oil pressure and oil level.
  • The cylinder movement produces low-noise and low-vibration.
  • An option of emergency fast operation is available.

The diameter of the product is 271 mm and the height is 900 mm. Speeds of lifting and lowering are 20 cm/s. In case of power failures, the product can be manually lowered. Automatic lowering with the help of battery in case of power failure is an option.

Approximate cycles per day is 2000 and the overall cycles of the product is 30,000,00. The impact energy with destruction is 20,000,00 J and the impact energy without destruction is 7,000,00 J. The temperature range is between -40 degree Celsius and +70 degree Celsius.

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Brands Hormann
Product Code/Part Number: A 275-M50-900 E

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