Fibaro Walli N Ethernet Outlet

White: FGWEEU-021

Anthracite: FGWEEU-021-8

An outlet device without intelligence features, designed to maintain the uniformity of outlets

Maintain the beauty of your smart home with the non-smart ethernet outlet


Control the device locally as it does not support any remote-control mechanism


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Fibaro, one of the leading companies in the home automation industry, has always been thinking ahead of its customers. This is why most of the Fibaro home automation products are widely accepted.

A perfect uniformity in the appearance of the devices enhances the beauty of your smart home. Fibaro knows this and has already designed devices only to maintain this uniformity. Its unique array of non-smart outlets are examples of this.

Fibaro Walli N Ethernet Outlet is such a product. The device can be used to make the outlets uniform in appearance and thereby enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smart home. The outlet is used for ethernet connections and is available in both white and Anthracite colors.

Like other non-smart devices from Fibaro, this product is also not able to measure active power and energy consumption. The device is compatible with neither Z-wave nor any other wireless communication protocols. No remote control mechanism can work with the device and it can only be controlled locally.

Buy the most beautifully designed non-smart ethernet outlet the Walli N Ethernet Outlet from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Outlet with no intelligence
  • Non-compatible with Z-wave or any wireless communication protocol
  • Can not be remote-controlled
  • Maintain the uniformity of outlets
  • Do not have power metering capability

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  • Technical Specification

    Type of connector RJ45
    Type of module >Keystone
    Type of terminal Krone
    Category cat.6
    Impedance 100 Ω
    For installation in boxes Ø = 60mm
    depth ≥ 40mm
    Number of outputs 2
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 40 x 86 x 86 mm

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