Fibaro Walli Dimmer Unit


An intelligent light-dimming device that works with almost all commercially available light sources

Save energy and reduce the utility bill with the energy and power metering light dimmer


Install the dimmer easy and quickly in sockets with FIBARO mounting frames


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Lighting is the soul of a building. The proper lighting gives the desired vibe. Fibaro, being a brand that always gives priority to customer satisfaction, has already introduced an array of devices dedicated to smart lighting.

Smart lighting includes being able to remotely manage, being able to control the intensity of the light, the lights being turned on and off on their own with the help of sensors whenever needed. All these are made possible with Fibaro smart home devices and Walli Dimmer Unit from Fibaro is one among them.

The dimmer unit is an intelligent light dimmer with a switch integrated into it. It works with almost all commercially available lighting sources such as LED, compact lamps, traditional bulbs, and halogen lamps. The dimmer unit is capable of automatic calibration. It can also monitor and measure the active power and energy consumption of the load. The installation of the device is very easy and it can be quickly installed in sockets with Fibaro mounting frames.

Like other Fibaro smart devices, the Walli Dimmer Unit is compatible with Z-wave, a popular home automation wireless communication protocol, and can be accessed via a dedicated app. You can control the device using a simple gesture, a voice command, or a single click on your smartphone. You can manage the dimmer remotely and you will be notified the moment a connected electrical device fails to function.

Get the most attractive light-dimming device Walli Dimmer Unit from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Compatible with Z-wave and Z-wave + networks
  • Active power and energy consumption metering
  • Equipped with an auto-calibration function
  • Can be accessed and controlled via voice command
  • Remote controlling is possible

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  • Technical Specification

    Power Supply 110-230V~ 50/60 Hz
    Recommended external overcurrent protection 10A type B circuit breaker (EU)
    13A type B circuit breaker (Sweden)
    Active element semiconductor electronic switch
    Recommended wires 1.5-4.0mm2
    For installation in boxes Ø = 60mm, depth ≥ 50mm
    Operating temperature 0–35°C
    Ambient humidity 10–95% RH without condensation
    Rated load current 13A per one channel
    16A total
    Compatible load types Resistive loads Conventional incandescent and halogen light sources;
    Resistive-capacitive loads Fluorescent tube lamp (compact / with
    electronic ballast), electronic transformer, LED;
    Resistive-inductive loads Ferromagnetic transformers
    Power Output 50-350W – resistive loads
    (incandescent and halogen);
    50-300VA – resistive-capacitive loads
    (fluorescent tube lamp, electronic transformer, LED);
    50-300VA – resistive-inductive loads
    (ferromagnetic transformers);
    5-50W – with Bypass 2: fluorescent tube lamp or LED
    Radio protocol Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    Radio frequency 868.4 or 869.85 MHz EU, 869.0 MHz RU
    Range up to 40m indoors (depending on terrain and building structure)
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 42 x 50 x 51,5 mm

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