Fibaro Triple Cover Plate

White: FG-Wx-PP-0004

Anthracite: FG-Wx-PP-0004-8

A non-smart device used as a decorative frame for three Walli devices in a Fibaro smart home

Maintain the uniformity of design of smart devices with the triple cover plate


Non-compatible with any wireless communication protocol


Life is just better

with Smart Home

Fibaro, a brand that gives ultimate importance to the design aspect of its products, has already introduced devices that are exclusively designed to maintain the uniformity of the design of its smart devices from the Walli product line. The triple cover plate from Fibaro is one of them and it allows the user to enhance the beauty of the smart home by ensuring design uniformity.

The triple cover plate is best suitable for switches and sockets from the Walli product line of Fibaro. It acts as the decorative cover frame for three devices. The design is very beautiful and perfectly fits in any nifty interior. The product is available in both white and anthracite colors.

The device is non-smart with no intelligence features and is non-compatible with any wireless communication protocols including the Z-wave. Unlike Fibaro smart devices, the non-smart single cover plate is not capable of energy and active power metering function.

Buy the most elegant, non-smart Triple Cover Plate from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Maintains the uniformity of design of outlets
  • Non-compatible with any of the wireless communication protocols
  • Not capable of energy or active power metering
  • The product is available in white and anthracite colors

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