Fibaro Switch Button with lightguide

White: FG-WDSEU221-AS-8100

Anthracite: FG-WDSEU221-AS-8100-8

Switch Button with lightguide for all FIBARO Walli fronts.

A non-smart switch button with a light guide for the Fibaro Walli devices


Maintain the uniformity of design of switches in your smart home


Non-compatible with any of the wireless communication protocols


Life is just better

with Smart Home

Fibaro, being a brand that consciously attempts to give fineness to the design aspect of its products, has introduced many products that are exclusively designed to maintain the design uniformity of the outlets and switch buttons. The switch button with a light guide is one among them. The device can be used for all Fibaro Walli fronts.

Like other non-smart devices from Fibaro, the switch button with a light guide is non-compatible with any wireless communication protocol, including Z-wave and Z-wave Plus. Therefore, the switch button with a light guide can not be remote-controlled. The non-smart device without intelligence features can not be used for active power and energy consumption.

The Walli line of products from Fibaro are famous for their sophisticated design in the shape that resembles a pearl. This elegant shape and glossy appearance make them fit for any nifty interior.

Buy the most elegantly designed switch button, the Switch Button with Lightguide from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • A non-smart device without intelligence features
  • Non-compatible with Z-wave or Z-wave Plus communication protocols
  • Do not have active power or energy metering ability
  • Can not be controlled remotely
  • Can not be accessed and controlled using a voice command or a gesture

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