AMETEK LAND vIRalert 2 Human Body temperature Measurement

The vIRalert 2 fixed thermal imaging system from AMETEK LAND comes packed with temperature sensors, blackbody heat source, software and other peripherals requiring minimal installation effort. Ideal for transport, public spaces and education facilities, vIRalert 2 offers a temperature accuracy range of +/-0.5°C and thermal measurement range of 30 to 45°C.

Key Features

  • Instant non-intrusive live measurement of temperature range 30 to 45°C
  • Complete On-line System Solution works out of the box and is simple to operate
  • The automatic alert function reduces the potential for human error and immediately alerts the operator

The system provides on-screen and audible alerts when a pedestrian with an elevated temperature is detected, allowing simple decision making on whether a person should be further vetted for admission without slowing pedestrian flow. The typical detection range for the system is 2m which creates a 140 x 110cm thermographic field of view. The components of the vIRalert 2 temperature measurement solution are as follows:

  • Thermal Imaging System: that captures 122°F, 39×31° angle and 80 x 64 thermal resolution and gives 5,210 temperature data points.
  • Certified Blackbody Heat Source: Calibrated to 38°C for exact comparisons.
  • Screening Software: The screening software offers either continuous video feed or still images showing normal temperature in black and white and abnormally high temperatures in red. The system can be configured to give an audible alarm when the abnormal temperature is detected.

Customers receive a ready plug&play solution that includes Ethernet and Power cables (5m / 15ft) between IMAGER and laptop (5m / 15ft) and flexible mounting tripod for quick positioning. You can order AMETEK LAND’s temperature screening solution at affordable prices in the middle east from Stebilex Systems.

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