Automatic vehicle and people recognition during transit is becoming a part of day-to-day urban life. Regardless of the facility, they are used in. Access control and vehicle identification sphere today is filled with technologies that are transforming business processes from factory floors to public spaces like malls and arenas.

Since the advent of RFID, technology has been solving many challenges in modern society, mainly supply chain management and retail shopping, and now the access control sector.

Leading technology providers in the physical security sector are addressing the growing demand for ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID readers, for applications in identifying vehicles, rolling stocks, and people using passive RFID tags. For Example, Nedap’s uPASS readers provide a reading range of up to 10 metres using the technology.

What is UHF technology

The Basics: What is UHF technology

UHF or Ultra-High Frequency refers to the RFID frequencies between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. And the UHF readers are categorised as EPC Gen 2 (an international standard developed for readers that operate at around 900 Mhz). Because of their short wavelength, they provide credential reading farther than any proximity readers making them suitable for applications in systems for access control and security. UFF tags are available in the form of access cards for people and as windshield tags for vehicles.

UHF technology has revolutionised vehicle access control by providing convenient unobtrusive access control to parking areas, industrial factories and gated communities. The UHF technology can be easily integrated with any access control system.

Advantages of UHF technology for access control

  • Quick convenient and contactless access to critical facilities 
  • Ideal for staff in logistics and factory centres moving pallets 
  • Automatic and safe access for medical personnel to operation theatres in emergency
  • Walkthrough simple access to different areas in offices 
  • No pause access for vehicles to facilities and gated communities.

Nedap’s UHF readers

Nedaps UHF readers

Nedap’s UHF and RFID based products use vehicle tagging to identify individual vehicles while they are moving through a monitoring point. The uPASS range of readers and tags offer variable read range from 2m-10m. They are ideal for convenient vehicle access to public car parks, private-run parking spaces and lots, gated communities and staff parking areas in corporate offices and government buildings.

uPASS Target

The uPASS Target is an automatic vehicle identification system that can be configured to identify people and rolling stocks, apart from applications as access control systems at industrial sites and logistic depots. Nedap uPASS Target offers a long-range reading of up to 10m away. The reader operates with passiVE UHF tags and allows adjustable read-range.

uPASS Reach

The reader offers long-range vehicle identification up to 4 meters using the latest UHF technology. The uPASS Reach readers are installed next to the gate on a maximum height of 2 meters. It can be accomplished without any additional mounting accessories or wiring when upgrading existing proximity Wiegand reader installations.

uPASS Access

uPASS Access is a small UHF reader that reads access badges at a distance of up to 2 meters. It is the perfect solution for doors that require convenience and security such as office doors, high volume entrances and disabled access. The reader is mostly used with Combi Card.

uPASS Credentials

UHF Windshield Tag, uPASS Heavy Duty Tag, uPASS UHF Combi Card

Nedap uPASS Long Range UHF Reader

There is a range of RFID frequency bandwidth used in different products. Basically the sensors on the readers and the credentials (cards or tags) are tuned on one specific frequency to enable interoperability.

RFID technology still has a long way before its full potential is reached.
In short, RFID technology has been more and more widely used with the development of the Internet of Things, and many of its applications are still being developed. It will remain at the core of future automation in access control.

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