What is the Nice Titan HS Series?

The Nice Titan HS series of surface-mounted electromechanical gear motors are designed to rapidly operate swing gates with leaves up to 3.7 meters or 6 meters in length or weighing up to 450 kg. They run on a 24 Vdc power supply and come equipped with a magnetic encoder that maintains set values stable over time for precise obstacle detection.


The motor is easy to install, with electrical connections conveniently accessible from above via a dedicated access point, and fixing brackets are provided. It is also versatile, as it can be installed at the bottom of the gate leaf as long as it is positioned at least 110 mm from the ground.


A practical and safe feature is the easy key release mechanism located at the top of the motor, which enables manual opening and closing of the gate leaf during a power outage.


The TTN3724HS and TTN6024HS models are compatible with the Moonclever MC824H control unit, while the TTN3724RHS and TTN6024RHS models are compatible with the MC824HR control unit. 

Characteristic Features of the Nice Titan HS series

  • It has a user-friendly programming system that can be operated using a single key.
  • The operator is capable of self-learning the opening and closing limit positions.
  • Automatic fault diagnostics are integrated into the system.
  • The pause time can be programmed according to specific needs.
  • The operator has a pedestrian pass door feature.
  • Deceleration is applied during both the opening and closing phases of the gate.
  • The operator uses double technology obstacle detection to ensure safety.
  • Optional rechargeable batteries (PS324) allow for operation during power outages.
  • The operator can be connected to the latest generation of sensitive edges.


Different Models of The Nice Titan HS Series


The Nice Titan HS, is designed to be reliable, efficient, and customizable to fit various gate lengths and weights. In this blog, we will compare the different models of Titan HS to understand their features and benefits.


Nice Titan HS TTN3724HS – Swing Gate Operator for Gates with Leaves up to 3.7 Meters

First, let’s take a look at the TTN3724HS model. This model is a non-reversible gate operator that can handle gates up to 3.7 meters in length and weigh up to 450 kg. It operates on 24V DC power and has a magnetic encoder for precise movement. The speed of this model is 0.032 m/s, and it takes 12 seconds to rotate 90 degrees when opening the gate. It has a continuous cycle work cycle of 54 cycles per hour. One of the notable features of this model is its ability to handle heavy-duty gates.


Nice Titan HS TTN3724RHS – Heavy-Duty Swing Gate Operator for Large Gates

Next, let’s look at the TTN3724RHS model. This model is a reversible version of the TTN3724HS and has similar specifications. The only difference is that it can open and close the gate in both directions, which makes it more versatile than the non-reversible model.


Nice Titan HS TTN6024HS – High-Performance Swing Gate Operator for Gates up to 6 Meters

Moving on to the TTN6024HS model, which can handle longer gates up to 6 meters in length and weighs up to 450 kg. It has the same speed as the TTN3724HS model, but it takes 19 seconds to rotate 90 degrees when opening the gate. It has a continuous cycle work cycle of 54 cycles per hour, and it is also equipped with a magnetic encoder for precise movement. This model is designed for larger and heavier gates.


Nice Titan HS TTN6024RHS – Robust Swing Gate Operator for Large and Heavy Gates

Lastly, we have the TTN6024RHS model, which is the reversible version of the TTN6024HS. It has the same specifications as the TTN6024HS but with the ability to open and close the gate in both directions.


Overall, the Nice Titan HS models are designed for reliability, efficiency, and customization. They are equipped with magnetic encoders for precise movement and have a continuous cycle work cycle of 54 cycles per hour, which makes them ideal for frequent use. The different models cater to different gate lengths and weights, which allows for customization depending on the user’s needs. The reversible models also add more versatility to the line of Titan HS gate operators.

Models at a Glance


Titan HS
Description Non-reversible Reversible Non-reversible Reversible
Volt 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
length Up to 3.7 m Up to 3.7 m Up to 6 m Up to 6 m
weight 450 kg 450 kg 450 kg 450 kg
Movement Magnetic











90° at 12 sec


90° at 12 sec


90° at 19 sec


90° at 19 sec

Work Cycle


continuous cycle continuous cycle continuous cycle continuous cycle
IP 54 54 54 54


In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a gate operator, Nice Titan HS is a brand worth considering. Its models are designed for heavy-duty use, have precise movement capabilities, and can handle a range of gate sizes and weights. With the different options available, users can choose the model that best fits their specific needs.

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