Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT are the latest buzzwords in the technology space worldwide. Stebilex Systems being a futuristic security systems & solutions supplier have a keen eye on technological advancement in the related field. Here we are peeking into the possibilities of IoT in access control systems.

The IoT aka Internet of Things is the network of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects. IoT (Internet of Things) can be connected to any of the physical objects connected with the network. IoT opens up a lot of scope in the Physical access control industry. Not limited to Access control, but also surveillance, emergency management, biometric time attendance etc IoT is truly helping to revolutionize the security sector.

What benefits does IoT bring in to access control systems?

Earlier the access control systems used to be controlled through an onsite or an offsite computer. The access control systems which are Enterprise application based tend to have a Central Monitoring Station or a Cloud-based computer processing center which controls the access control system. In the case of both Central Monitoring Station or a Cloud-Based Computer Processing Center, the host data is commonly sent back and forth like is a typical on-site EACS.

The biggest advantage of IoT in access control systems is that IoT has enabled using smartphones in order to control an access control system or act as a credential for access control devices. IoT mainly uses Mobile credentialing mainly through near field communication (NFC) for the access control system, but Bluetooth is also another option of wireless communication for devices used with IoT technology. But as Bluetooth requires much high power than NFC technology, NFC is more popular in access control systems. Below are some benefits of the application of IoT in access control systems.

  • Improved integrability and intelligence
  • Records are easier to track
  • Control the complete access control system with just a mobile device.
  • Perform Locking and unlocking without installing metallic cables
  • Completely accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Use other connected security systems such as CCTV, Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms etc
  • Issue instantaneous blocking or access to specifically targeted credentials.

Providing a step up in technological aspects of access control, IoT based access control systems are not the best choices at present. This is as IoT is still a relatively new technology it faces certain hacking and security problems. NFC technology can be easily exploited by hackers. Even though there are measures like two-factor authentication such as PIN and biometric which can be added to combat this issue, the hacker is still a threat to IoT based access control systems. With the amount being spent on R&D into IoT by huge corporations such as HID Global, it can be safely said that in a short period of time the security of IoT based access control systems shall improve drastically. HID Global arguably being the best access control system provider is introducing digital certificates to be a core component in securing IoT based systems. This is done by issuing digital IDs to printers and encoders, mobile phones, tablets, video cameras etc and thereby bringing the future the access control industry.

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