Today the access control system has replaced the big bunch of keys and watchmen outside the doors into access credentials (Keycards, Mobile, Fobs, tags etc). An access control system is the heart of an organization’s physical security and it governs the establishment’s complete security in terms of granting access, recording visitors, tracking employee entry-exit timings, tracking works hours, reduce thefts, increasing overall safety etc. Thus nowadays most of the business from MNC to SME s have adopted Access control systems to their basic security requirements. But it raises a big question mark of how to choose an access control system fit for your business as there are multiple types of access control systems which is picked according to the requirement of a business.

What is Access Control System?

Access control is a brilliant way of controlling and regulating who has access to your facility, its resources, and computer networks. This security technique protects residential, commercial, and industrial buildings from potential threats and structural problems.

Primarily, the access control system is of two types:

  • Logical Access Control System
  • Physical Access Control System

Let’s understand them one by one.


Logical Access Control System

The purpose of a logical access control system is to keep your data and information safe and secure by providing control to authorized users. It assists in limiting and regulating access to computer networks and the IT infrastructure of a building.


Physical Access Control System

Coming to the other side, physical access control system is a security measure that makes sure only when authorized users are allowed to enter a workplace or related secure space. Here the purpose is to install different types of barriers, so only allowed users can access it with the help of authentication.

Importance of Access Control Systems in Schools, Offices, Factories, and Other Modern Facilities

In a transforming world where everything is changing and evolving at an alarming rate, it is crucial for business owners to adapt and implement top-notch security measures in the facility to keep the resources, people, and assets safe and secure.

One fundamental and efficient way of achieving this goal is to introduce access control systems in the facility so only authorized people can enter your facility. For example, if you run a company in Dubai, UAE, installing access readers, cameras and electronic locks in your office is a good way to keep your employees safe and secure from potential threats.

Depending on your security requirements, you can also include highly advanced access control solutions in your facility like Paxton10.

Factors to consider to choose an access control system:

1. Brand:

The most important factor in choosing an access control system is its brand. Most of the major access control projects shall have a specific brand mentioned, this is because of the multiple facts are taken into consideration beforehand. As there are many brands in the market and several factors such as compatibility with controller/ software etc, product credibility, consultant approved the product and smooth support for the devices all play a role in choosing the brand of the access control system.

2. Number of areas requiring access control:

It is essential to analyze and decide on the number of areas that require access control in order to choose the access control system. There are single standalone access control solutions that can cost under a 1000USD to access control solutions which can cover 1000s of doors/access points.

3. The upgradability factor of the system:

It is common for the end-user to assume they would require only basic functionality in an access system neglecting the possibility of future expansion and the system’s need to upgrade for multiple reasons, covering the holes in its security being one of the most important reason. Usually, it is highly possible for the brand’s requirement to change within the next decade.

4. Type of management system required:

Another highly important factor is to consider the type of management for the access control system. The way you manage your access control systems depends on the company budget, staff, needs etc such as would there be a site manager or a surveillance team to manage the system or would the owner himself manager the access control system from his mobile. Nowadays there are multiple options to manage the access control system even from a mobile.

5. Type of reader required:

There are multiple types of access control readers in the industry allowing for several different functions. While access control readers with a keypad system are highly popular there are also some readers which have biometric recognition such as the face, Iris, Fingerprint, while there are readers which accept only access cards and some readers can work with mobile credentials. There are also readers who can work with multiple credentials such as biometric and access cards.

6. Types of reports required:

It is highly necessary to understand the types of reports needed which depends on the organisation’s needs. While some companies require more focused insights from their access control systems, some enterprises don’t even care about reports. Depending on the level of reporting system needed the access control software should be purchased, because the basic access control software only offers the most basic reporting such as in and out.

7. Analyze the complete 5-year cost break down of the Access Control System

Some might think to go for the access control solution with the lowest priced access control system. But in order to know the true price of the access control system one must get a report with a breakdown of costs for the acquisition, installation, maintenance, up-gradation and training charges for the access control system.

The above-mentioned factors are highly helpful in accessing the true need and selecting the right type of access control system for the business.

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