Providing high-security solutions in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain for vehicle and pedestrian access control from biometrics, to smart turnstiles, to bollards and barriers

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for security and access control solutions ranging from biometric and UHF door access control to high-performance turnstile gates, barriers and bollards.

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The solutions supplied by us in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain

We bring in a vast range of solutions from world-leading brands for our customers all over the Middle East. Most of the solutions supplied by us in the Dar Kulaib, Bahrain ensure maximum quality standards and are widely used at airports, ports & harbours, subway station, bus station, amusement parks and allied areas across the Middle East and UAE.

We offer delivery to all countries in the region, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan from our local offices in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain, and Doha Qatar. We offer same-day delivery on orders from Dar Kulaib, Bahrain on our in-stock items.

We are a leader in supplying contactless biometrics, vehicle barriers, turnstile, speed gates, and bollards that meet worldwide quality standards.

Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers


Automatic Boom Gate Barriers


Turnstile, Speed Gate and Swing Gate


Access Control System


Biometrics System


Access Control Systems

Our Access control system solutions range from IP based networked doors access management to electromagnetic locks. We offer door access control readers controllers and management softwares from leading manufacturers in the world including - Paxton, GEM, HID. You can order both simple and smart door access systems from Stebilex in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain to suit your facility requirements from us to get the best prices and quick delivery.

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Gate Barriers (boom barriers)

Our boom barriers from leading brands like FAAC and magnetic are widely used in several projects across the emirates. We offer barrier gates that enable easy integration of access control systems for biometrics and proximity reading etc. You can order barriers with varied arm lengths to match various installations at parking lots, residential or commercial grounds and larger industrial zones and busy traffic junctions. You can order barriers fro Stebilex Systems to receive a same-day response from anywhere in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain

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Biometrics Systems

Biometrics: We offer biometric products form leading brands in the access control industry that includes IDEMIA, VirDi, Suprema, and Iris ID. Our products have been enhancing security at several projects in Bahrain, Dar Kulaib, and many other cities across the country. You can choose the ideal fit for your projects or facilities from our range of contactless face recognition terminals, fingerprint terminals, and iris recognition solutions.

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Turnstile, Speed Gates and Swing Gates

We supply innovative barriers from leading manufacturers like Magnetic, Tansa, and Perco, across all middle eastern countries. We are leading barriers and bollards supplier in the UAE, providing the quickest delivery to anywhere to Dar Kulaib, Bahrain city, and other regions. Our range of pedestrian access control solutions includes smart IP based turnstiles and speed gates, boarding gates for airports, as well as a tripod, full-height, and waist-high turnstiles.

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Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers

Meeting the demands for high volume traffic at critical facilities and protected areas, the bollards and barrier solution supplied by us are manufactured by world-leading manufacturers. We provide the highest level of impact resistance bollards & barriers from FAAC, Armakontrol, and Hormann. Most of our products are capable of resist high-level threats and provide high reliability for unattended locations. Choose from our range of hydraulic or electrically operated bollards and barriers that can be integrated with remote control operation, License plate recognition etc. We provide the quickest delivery to all the emirates across UAE, with the same-day response to inquiries from Dar Kulaib, Bahrain, and quickest delivery thereafter.

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Gate Automation & Parking Management

Stebilex Systems provides a range of gate automation and parking management systems from leading brands including HUB Parking Technology, RIB and Nedap. Our products enable automation for car parking, traffic control, access, and traffic management, parking fare collection and sliding and swing gates opening/closing. Call our office and find the right solution for your security requirement, we offer the best shipping time to Dar Kulaib, Bahrain.

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How to order from Dar Kulaib, Bahrain?

With many huge projects including airport expansions, ports and commercial sector, and digital technologies boom in the capital, Dar Kulaib, Bahrain constitutes an important market for security technologies. Our products are ideal for the emirate’s security requirements, in addition, we have products that come with functionality in the regions climatic conditions. You can order products or post your requirement in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain on our website or send an inquiry to – With our dedicated courier partners, Stebilex offers quick delivery to all areas in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain from our facility in Dubai.

You can buy access control systems including biometrics, turnstiles, speed gates and bollards & vehicle barriers from anywhere in the Emirates to receive safe delivery across several locations.

Why choose Stebilex for your access control and physical security needs?

Tracking your delivery: Once you choose to buy products from us. We give you an order number with which you can ask us the delivery status for your items any time you need. But we are sure you won’t have to!!
We understand how important it is for you to know that your parcel has our office, we will immediately update you once the order is out for delivery.
Cost-Effective: We are the most cost-effective providers in the industry when it comes to shipping charges to Dar Kulaib, Bahrain. Our team will be ready to answer any queries you would have.
Timely Delivery: We truly understand how important is timely delivery for your projects, we make sure our product deliveries reach any destination in the Dar Kulaib, Bahrain on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the solutions offered by Stebilex in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain?

We are a leading supplier of access control systems and physical security solutions in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain. You can order biometrics, door access solutions, bollards, barriers and turnstile gates in Dar Kulaib from our local office in Dubai.

How can I order products from Stebilex?

Ordering products or sending an enquiry to us is very simple, you can either fill the form available on our website or send us an email on

What is the delivery time for Dar Kulaib, Bahrain?

We offer one of the shortest delivery timings locally to Dar Kulaib, Bahrain.

What are the access control and biometrics brands offered by Stebilex in Dar Kulaib, Bahrain?

You can buy fingerprint and facial scanning and iris recognition solutions from world-leading brands including IDEMIA, Virdi, and IrisID, as well as access control brands such as Paxton, GEM, and HID.

What is physical/perimeter security?

Technologies and equipment that people and assets within a facility and blocking unauthorised physical intrusions across the perimeter are called physical/perimeter security. Our physical security products line includes Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers; and Automatic Boom Gate Barriers; Turnstile, Speed Gate and Swing Gate; and Gate & Parking Management Systems.

What perimeter security brands are offered by Stebilex Dar Kulaib, Bahrain?

We offer FAAC, mAGNETIC, RIB, HUB Parking, PERCo, Nedap, and TANSA in across the Dar Kulaib, Bahrain.

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