Control access and ensure the security of your facilities with Hormann’s high-security perimeter protection solutions – Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers in Sharjah, UAE

Established in 1935, today Hormann is a leading manufacturer for innovative up-and-over garage doors, rolling shutters, sliding and high-speed doors, entrance and internal doors, frames, door operators, fire-rated and smoke-tight door assemblies.

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About Hormann


The family-owned company, Hormann Group is managed by third and fourth Hörmann generation. Hormann first ventured into industrial production of doors and gates with a new type of garage door: the up-and-over garage door in the 1950s. Today, Hormann produces all kinds of physical security solutions from heavy gates and bollard to internal door operators. Further enhancing Hormann’s product offering, the company took the majority stake in the Italian company Pilomat, a company based

in Grassobbio, Bergamo, specialized in the production of barriers for access control of cars and trucks. Hormann has produced and delivered more than 20 million doors worldwide and is present in over 100 individual sales locations in more than 40 countries. Stebilex supplies Hormann’s leading bollards, barriers, and type killers in the Sharjah, UAE. Send us an enquiry or talk to our sales team to know more on the Hormann products offered by us.

Solutions From Hormann

Bollards, Security Barriers, Road blockers & Gates

Hormann’s perimeter security solutions range from crash rated bollards to high security sliding gates. Hormann products are of highest quality and solutions are tailored to your requirements. Hormann’s (Pilomat) bollards, gates and barriers can be integrated with RFID technology. Bollards and high-security barriers from Hormann (Pilomat).

Most of the Hormann products offered by us in the region are flexible and effective for both traffic management and deterring rogue vehicles travelling at high speeds. Additionally, the road blockers and tyre killers reliably secure entrances up to six metres in width. Hormann products hold international certifications and are manufactured with the highest quality.


Bollards are perfect for a wide range of applications, they enable flexible and reliable traffic control at parking spaces, commercial properties, or pedestrian areas – Hormann offers automatic, semi-automatic, removable, fixed bollards and high-security crash rated bollards for critical facilities.

Automatic Bollards

The automatic bollards from Hormann (Pilomat) are available in different versions depending on customer requirements. They come with an electromechanical or hydraulic operator. And are built with reinforced metal for increased resistance. The high-security line bollards allow up to 2,000 movements per day.


A 275-M30-900 H, A 275-M30-1200 H, A 275-M50-900 H, A 275-M50-1200 H

Semi-automatic Bollards

An ideal solution for parking spaces at company grounds, commercial plazas. Semi-automatic bollards allow individuals with parking permits to enter trouble-free into the parking space. It is also a great solution for places that see a mix of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


S 220-600 G, S 220-800 G,S 275-600 G, S 275-800 G

Fixed Bollards

Perfect for permanently protected areas to stop vehicles from entering pedestrian areas. Hormann offers fixed bollards that come with the bottom plate that can be easily disassembled.


F 220-600 CF, F 220-800 CF, F 275-600 CF, F 275-800 CF

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are the right choice for entrances that are rarely used by vehicles. And they mostly need to be manned.


R 275-600

Road Blockers

With up to six metres in width, road blockers by Hormann offer increased security and can be fitter on ground flush-fitting or alternatively fitted to finished flooring. Hormann road blockers come in heights of 500 or 1000 millimetres and are certified to or comply with crash test rating PAS68.

Tyre Killer

Hormann Tyre Killers allow controlled one-way traffic and cover a six-metre width. The tyre killers come spikes slashing the tyres to stop the vehicle within just a few metres and the cab fitted to the finished floor.


Tyre Killer M, Tyre Killer H


Sliding gates from Hormann are self-supporting, high-security standards, and completely pre-assembled gates. They offer openings up to 32 metres.


HS 160, HS 400, HS Alu 200, HS Alu 440

Gate and Door Operators

Hormann manufactures efficient operators for varied installation from garage doors, external gates and internal doors. Hormann’s automatic gate operators allow many conveniences.

Garage Door Operators

Hormann garage doors enable the convenient and safe opening of the garage door entrance using a hand transmitter. Hormann offers operators that do not require bower connection and efficiently operate on battery power. Also, Hörmann’s innovative BiSecur remote comes with a status notification option.


SupraMatic E, SupraMatic P ProMatic ProMatic Akku

Entrance Gate Operators

The entrance gate operators by Hormann are remote-controlled and offer continuous operation. They can be installed to existing hinged gates or sliding gates and can also be configured to be operated using a smartphone or tablet.


RotaMatic RotaMatic P RotaMatic PL RotaMatic AkkuSolar