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Automate your world effortlessly with Nice’s innovative automation and control systems. All are simple to use, feature contemporary design, and made to last forever.

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About Nice

Nice is renowned for building easy-to-use, intelligent products in the security, automation, and smart home space.

The brand specializes in designing a simple, yet redefining range of products right from swing gates, sliding gates & garage doors automation systems to road barriers, alarm systems, control systems, and Yubii – a perfect smart home automation solution.

Started with humble beginnings in 1993, today the Nice group serves its customers in over 100 countries with the help of 14 production plants, 13 R&D centers, and a family of 2300 purpose-driven innovators.

Automate Your World Effortlessly

Nice is a connoisseur in the gate automation space with the finest expertise in designing world-class automation solutions for residential and commercial facilities. The brand lets you control your world effortlessly with its intelligent & easy to use products.

Easily Automate Swing Gates

Make your life more comfortable and easy by automating your swing gates with an intelligent automation system from Nice. It lets you open and close your heavy gates at the convenience of a click.

Featured products

HoppM-Fab 24VToona 24 VWalkyWingoKit 4024/5024

Control Sliding Gates Remotely

Open and close sliding gates at the convenience of a click with Nice automation products. All are designed intuitively to help you save time and make your property more secure.

Featured products

RobusRunRun Hi-Speed

Operate Garage Doors Conveniently

Help the garage door open and close on its own with Nice intelligent automation solutions. The products are engineered exclusively to make the process fast, convenient, and hassle-free.

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Control Traffic Easily with Gate Barriers

Nice Gate Barriers are high-performing, reliable, and feature a streamlined design. Made carefully from highly durable materials, they guarantee safety and convenience at all times.

Featured products


Experience Convenience with Nice SmartHome Yubii in Ajman, UAE

Nice Yubii SmartHome is an ultimate lineup of intelligent, simple-to-use, and brilliantly designed devices. All work together to make home automation a cakewalk for you.

Be it controlling garage doors, checking if the blinds are raised properly, or managing the home from miles away. Nice Yubii will help you take care of everything in the easiest & convenient way.

  • Based on industry-leading bidirectional radio protocol that enables two-way communication between transmitter and receiver.
  • The highly reliable and secure ecosystem of remote control devices lets you keep everything under control all the time.
  • Lights, sounds, and vibrations will keep you informed about your automation.
  • Helps you make the most of your living and working space.

Manage Gate Automations Remotely with MyNice Welcome App

Control and manage the movement of your gate and garage door directly from the comfort of your smartphone with the MyNice Welcome App.

Right from scheduling gate movements, controlling everything remotely to staying updated all the time with what’s happening at home, Nice has got you covered.

  • Perfectly works on iOS and Android devices
  • Compatible with IFTTT service
  • Program actions according to your routine and save time
  • Experience hassle-free gate automation

Take Gate Security & Automation to the Next Level with Hi-Speed Motor

Open and close gates three times faster than traditional motors with the Nice Hi-Speed automation system.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and powerful features, Nice Hi-Speed is guaranteed to deliver superior performance and maximum security.

  • Compatible with sliding and swing gates
  • Perfect for residential applications
  • Powered by obstacle detection technology to ensure maximum safety
  • Saves time and makes your life easier

Introducing Intelligent Products & Solutions from Nice in Ajman, UAE

Road Barriers

Control access and streamline vehicle traffic effectively with the reliably strong Nice road barriers. Featuring best-in-class build quality, they are simple to use and perfect for all kinds of facilities.

Alarm Systems

Protect your home from intruders and potential threats with the most intelligent alarm system on the planet. It is simple to use, scalable, and gives everything under your control, no matter if you are miles away from home.

Control Systems

Nice’s smart control systems allow you to make the most of your living space by automating every movement. So you can control and manage home automation effectively. and live more comfortably.

Automation Systems

Control your world effortlessly with intelligent Nice automation systems. Right from swing gates, sliding gates to garage doors and shutters, everything will operate according to your convenience.

Why Everyone Loves Nice?

Aesthetic Design

Nice is the first brand to introduce intuitive design in the home automation space. All its products feature a contemporary design, simplicity, and guaranteed to add elegance to your living space.

Backed by Cutting-Edge Technology & Algorithms

With a strong purpose of setting new industry standards, Nice continues to put innovation on a pedestal in order to build highly advanced & easy to use products.

Focus on Sustainability

A deep care for the environment is what separates Nice from other brands in the home automation & security industry. The automation pioneer believes in improving the quality of its customers in an environment-friendly and sustainable way.

What Makes the Gate Automation Pioneer Stand Out?

Industry-Leading Quality Control System

With a core focus on continuous product improvement, Nice makes sure its products go through high-tech procedures and tests to stay compliant with international manufacturing standards. The brand is also certified by LCIE (France), UL (USA), Intertek (Sweden), IMQ (Italy), and CTC Advanced (Germany).

Long-term Product Guarantee

All gates, industrial doors, garage door automation systems, road barriers, and intelligent control devices from Nice come with a long-term guarantee of 3 years from the production date of each product.

Customer Happiness-Driven After Sales Service

Nice believes in simplicity and superior performance. These qualities are clearly reflected in its efficient, consumer-focused after-sales service.

Automate Your Home with Nice Products Today!

Stebilex Systems is proud to be a premier supplier of Nice products in Ajman, UAE.

We are responsible for bringing the best products to you with the fastest delivery time across the Middle East. Contact us today and our team will help you automate your home & business in the most cost-effective & convenient way.

About Stebilex Systems

Stebilex Systems is dedicated to helping our clients make the right choices for their Gate automation, and door automation systems. We believe that everyone should benefit from the convenience and security of automation technology, a business owner who is looking for better-controlled access for their clients. With our help, you will find peace in your life as you can control your home or office better.

Stebilex distributes products from leading Gate, Garage Door, and Barrier Automation Systems brands like Nice, in addition to other lines of popular access control, biometric, door and gate automation brands like FAAC, Magnetic Auto Control, Paxton, Idemia, HID, Virdi, Iris ID, Assa Abloy, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nice based?

Nice is headquartered in Oderzo, Italy, and has a global presence in over 100 countries. Its industrial footprint lies is located in the world’s popular economies featuring the USA, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Germany.

When was Nice founded?

Nice was founded in 1993.

What are the industries served by Nice?

Residential homes, commercial facilities, public spaces, corporate offices, and hospitality are some of the most popular industries served by Nice.

What products does Nice offer?

Nice manufactures a wide range of products right from alarm systems, control systems, road barriers to automation systems for swing gates, sliding gates, garage doors, and shutters.

How to buy Nice products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier supplier of Nice products in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

What is Smart Home Yubii?

Nice Yubii is an ecosystem of various intelligent devices that work together to make home automation effortless for you. It is secure, reliable and puts everything under your control.

Nice Milestone Timeline



Lauro Buoro founded Nice and introduced how automation products can communicate effectively in the industry.



Nice started offering electronic and electromechanical products along with automation solutions for gates and garage doors.



Nice expanded its range of products by introducing awnings, rolling shutters, and solar screens in the lineup.



Nice listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.



Nice entered alarm systems and industrial doors segment. It also entered the USA market this year.



Nice introduced NiceHome business line.



Nice acquired the majority stake in FontanaArte, a Milan-based company renowned for building world-class lighting and furnishings.



Nice acquired the elero Group, a pioneer manufacturer of sun protections and venetian blinds. It also acquired KingGates, a recognized brand in the gate automation industry.



Nice introduced NiceEra range product-line of advanced technology-based automation solutions.



Collaborated with Digital Magics and Lago S.p.A for building new innovative products

nice ET


Nice acquired E.T Systems, leading gate automation in South Africa.



Nice acquired HySecurity, a leading player in the North American market renowned for its redefining automation systems for industrial and commercial gates.