Paxton Proximity Red Cards 10 Pack

The Paxton Proximity Card – Red comes in 10 card pack and is suitable for use with proximity compact, Easyprox compact and Switch2 door access control systems.

Key Features

  • Use with Compact and Switch2 systems
  • A lost card can be voided with a shadow card
  • Additional packs can be added easily
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The Paxton proximity cards red offers similar functions as the proximity green cards, when used together these cards offer segmentation of door access system according to the colours. Used with proximity compact and easypro readers,the card can be used as ‘door open time card’ and fail open release card. The card offers dual functionality with both lock and unlock operations. Presenting the card for the first time opens the door, while presenting this again will relock the door. The card also offers enhanced security, in case of loss, as presenting the shadow card invalidates the original card.

The user cards are supplied in wallet with each card packed with a corresponding shadow card. Order Paxton proximity cards from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East for best prices.

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