Paxton Proximity Keyfob Red 10 pack

Paxton is a UK based market leader in cost-efficient high-grade access control systems and secures around 25000 buildings with its products. Proximity keyfob packs are for use with Proximity compact, Easyprox compact and Switch2 systems. Paxton Proximity Keyfob Red uses an intuitive ‘shadow card’ system for ease of management. The keyfobs are supplied with a wallet for storing the shadow cards.

Paxton has each keyfob packaged with a corresponding shadow card. Once the installation of the system is finished, all user keyfobs are valid and ready to be issued. It is very simple to issue a keyfob, remove it from the wallet and write the name of the user on its corresponding shadow card. The user can now use their keyfob to gain access. This process is repeated for all users. If a keyfob needs to be invalidated, the corresponding shadow card is removed from the wallet and presented to any relevant readers on the site. This invalidates the keyfob.

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