Nedap uPASS UHF Combi Card (ISO smart card/UHF/ RFID Proximity, People Identification, reading at 10m )

The UHF Combi Card enables long-range UHF identification, proximity and smartcard technology. Combi Card allows the use of a single card for both vehicle and building access. The Combi Card offers various reading, depending on the reader and card technology used. uPASS Combi Card can be used as an ISO smart card/UHF/ RFID Proximity credential.

Key Features

  • Identification up to 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Thin, ISO card format
  • Multiple card frequencies and technologies

uPASS Combi Card is based on passive UHF technology and is identified at 10 meters [33 feet] with uPASS Target, 5 meters [16 feet] with uPASS Reach or 2 meters [6 feet] with uPASS Access. The Combi Car is ideal for applications including access to parking areas and gate communicates, universities and offices. UHF supports Combi Card technologies including Mifare, Mifare Desfire, Legic, EM, HID prox and HID iClass. The ISO enabled UHF Combi Card features special security and protection to provide data integrity and to prevent copying.

uPASS Combi Card from Nedap allows customised printing on request. The operating frequency offered by COmbi Cards are as follows – UHF ISO Card features 865 – 870MHz / 902 – 928MHz; Mifare / Legic/HID iClass features UHF 865 – 870 MHz / 902 – 928 MHz & 13.56 MHz; and EM/HID Prox features UHF 865 – 870 MHz / 902 – 928 MHz & 125 kHz. Talk to product experts at Stebilex Systems to choose the right solution for your access control requirements.

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Product details

Brands Nedap
9943943 – UHF ISO Card
9942343 – Combi Card UHF – Mifare 1K
9206388 – Combi Card UHF – Mifare DESfire 4K
9943960 – Combi Card UHF – Legic Advant
9942360 – Combi Card UHF – EM4102
9954082 – Combi Card UHF – HID Prox Wiegand 26
9954104 – Combi Card UHF- HID Prox
9954112 – Combi Card UHF – HID iClass 2K Wiegand 26
9959343 – Combi Card UHF – HID iClass 2K
9955836 – Bundle 25 Combi Cards UHF – HID Prox Wiegand 26
9955844 – Bundle 100 Combi Cards UHF – HID Prox Wiegand 26

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