IDEMIA TP 5300 Fingerprint Scanner

With a range of applications in the law enforcement tasks, IDEMIA TP 5300 captures high-quality palm and fingerprints critical to completing investigations and building data-base. TP 5300 provides exceptional image quality with the live scan of slap, rolled, full palm, and even writers’ edges exceed FBI requirements.

  • High-quality palm capture in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Scan resolutions available in 500 PPI or at more than 1000 PPI
  • The platen is encased in rugged housing for use in any environment
  • Patented optics ignore moisture, dirt and latent prints left behind
TP 5300 palm and fingerprint scanner features anti smudging technologies and IDEMIA’s patented optical technology allowing clear ten prints in any condition. Scanning can be carried out at 500 ppi, or 1,000 ppi, exceeding the FBI’s standard requirements, and gives images that allow the minutiae and pore details of fingers and hands to be seen clearly. The scanner is equally faster and captures palm print in less than 1.5 seconds. The innovative platen in TP5300 is completely unaffected by dry or sweaty fingers, a dirty surface or adverse conditions such as heat, humidity, wetness or dust, or ghost prints left behind on the scanner.

The biometric scanner comes in a durable, rugged housing, which can withstand extreme environmental conditions, be it dusty, wet, hot or humid. IDEMIA’s TP 5300 is increasingly adopted by law enforcement firms globally with thousands of units of TP 5300 being deployed and used by police officers every day. Being a leader in supplying IDEMIA products in the Middle East, Stebilex Systems brings all latest IDEMIA product to you at competitive prices. Order IDEMIA products from us for free technology consultation from our product experts.

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