HUB Parking Technology FAAC ParQube 620 Hydraulic Barrier

Available in the right and left arm version the FAAC ParQube 620 Hydraulic Barrier is suitable for vehicular access control in heavy traffic facilities. With a 100% duty cycle, the ParQube 620 hydraulic barrier offers high performance even in harsh weather.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic Barrier for heavy traffic control
  • 100% frequency use for continuous duty
  • Ideal motion transmission with near silence

The electro-hydraulic motor in the ParQube 620 barrier ensures silent operation at all times due to its friction reduction features. The ParQube barriers enable fast and safe access to the parking lot and internal areas that need to controlled access. The FAAC automatic barriers offered by HUB Parking Technology are used at the toll gates on the Italian motorway network. The barrier provides easy installation and maintenance features while maintaining the reliability and precision required by parking managers.

With a maximum barrier arm length of 3.3m, the standard round ParQube version offers 3m passage width while the standard rectangular barrier comes with a 3.815m boom and 3.5m passage. The barrier comes in two more passage options. The barrier features fast opening/closing at 90-degree time of 2 seconds (with 3m). The barrier features IP44 certification and offers an average of 2 million cycles with nearly no maintenance. Buy ParQube 620 Hydraulic Barrier by FAAC from Stebilex System in the region.

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