Fibaro Walli N USB Outlet

White: FGWU-021

Anthracite: FGWU-021-8

Wall-mounted non-smart USB outlet without intelligence features

Make your home automation not just smart but beautiful too


Control the outlet locally and not remotely


Your Home.


The Walli N USB Outlet from Fibaro is a non-smart device without any intelligence features. You can connect your USBs to the ports on the device. The package contains a USB charger module, double USB socket cover with a light guide, single cover plate, and a mounting frame.

The non-smart Walli USB Outlet is exclusively designed to maintain the uniformity of the design of outlets. Unlike other Fibaro products, the non-smart USB outlet is not capable of active power and energy metering functions. The device is available in both white and Anthracite colors.

The outlet is compatible with neither Z-wave nor any other wireless communication protocols. The product can also be controlled locally and not remotely as the sole purpose of the device is to maintain uniformity and thereby enhancing the beauty of your smart home.

The height and width of the outlet are 86 mm and the depth is 42 mm. The device can be operated within a temperature range between 0 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius.

Get the most beautifully designed non-smart USB outlet Walli N USB Outlet from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Not compatible with Z-wave or any other wireless communication protocol
  • Wall-mounted
  • Not capable of power and energy metering
  • Maintain uniformity of design of outlets
  • Can not be remote-controlled

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  • Technical Specification

    Power Source 100-240V~ 50/60 Hz
    Internal protection output overvoltage protection
    short-circuits protection
    thermal shutdown
    Electricity consumption in standby mode max 0,3W
    Recommended wires 1.5-4.0mm2
    For installation in boxes Ø = 60mm
    depth ≥ 40mm
    Operating temperature 0-40 °C
    Ambient humidity 0–90% RH without condensation
    Output 2
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 43 x 86 x 86 mm

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