Fibaro Walli N Outlet type E FGWSONE-011

An outlet device without smart or intelligent features

Maintain uniformity of design in your smart home using non-smart outlets


Control the device locally and not remotely


Your Home.


Just imagine a case when you have to struggle hard to find devices that would go well with your smart home devices in appearance. Fibaro, a leading brand that introduces beautifully designed products to make your home smart, has already designed non-smart devices only to help you solve this issue.

The Walli N devices are the best examples to show how much attention Fibaro gives to the design part of its products. The non-smart devices are only designed to maintain the uniformity of the outlets in your smart home, enhancing the beauty of your intelligent home. The devices are available in the market in the color Anthracite.

The Fibaro Walli N outlets (types E and F) are neither compatible with the Z-wave nor with any other communication protocols. They are not smart devices but are only designed to give uniformity to the outlets used. You can replace an existing outlet with this device that looks similar in appearance to the other Fibaro outlets.

Besides, you can not control the device using any remote control unit. Unlike other Fibaro devices, the non-smart outlets from Fibaro are not capable of measuring power consumption.

Get the perfectly designed, non-smart outlet Walli N Outlet Type E from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Non-smart device
  • Not compatible with Z-wave
  • Not compatible with any other communication protocols
  • Can not control remotely
  • Do not have the power and energy consumption measuring capability
  • Maintains the uniformity of design of outlets

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  • Technical Specification

    Power Source 110-230V~ 50/60 Hz
    Recommended wires 1.5-4.0mm2
    For installation in boxes Ø = 60mm
    depth ≥ 50mm
    Operating temperature 0-40 °C
    Ambient humidity 10–90% RH without condensation
    Rated load Current 16A – resistive loads
    Number of outputs 1
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 45 x 86 x 86 mm

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