Paxton Net2 Essential Training for System Integrators

Join Stebilex & Paxton For Paxton Certified System Integrator Training.
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Training Overview

You will receive all the tools and knowledge you need to install, configure and manage a Paxton Net2 system in our hands-on workshops led by our expert in-house training team. This training covers installation techniques, fault finding, and best practices for administration, which saves you time and enhances your system integration business.

What’s included?

  • Practical networked and wireless access control installation
  • Efficient commissioning of the Net2 system
  • Best practice management of the system using the Net2 software
  • Fundamental troubleshooting tips

Please note: Paxton training is only open to system integrators/security installation companies.

Leading Security Manufacturer

Paxton is a global leader in Access Control Systems consisting of Access Hardwares & Softwares. They are a UK Based Access Control System/Solution Manufacturer With over 30 years of Experience, operating in over 60 countries, securing over 25000 buildings a year.

End To End Security Solutions

Paxton is prominently known for its globally famous line of Cost-Effective & Technologically Leading Access Control Systems. They have a long list of excellent products & solutions such as Net2 Range, Switch2 Range, Compact Range & A wide range of Access Control Readers, Tokens, Access Controllers, Exit Buttons,Cards, Softwares, Data Cable, Holders, Access Control Accessories and even installer tools.