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Stebilex Leadership Principles

At Stebilex, we strive to hire and develop the best with the aim of bringing together the best of people who can impact business in a positive way. We look for passionate and driven individuals who can change the world by the sheer power of their will. And we provide our leadership principles to align the inner compass of these motivated individuals with the direction of the business for collective growth.

Take initiative, take ownership

In order to lead from where we are, we encourage taking initiative and also demonstrating ownership of those initiatives with the long term goals of the team and company in mind.
It is a bad leader that says “that’s not my job”.

Lead from where you are

At Stebilex, we believe that leadership needs no designations. We take the opportunity to demonstrate leadership right where we are and through what we do.

Walk the talk

We don’t believe in preaching but in practice. We display high integrity by aligning our message and actions. We lead by example rather than through words.

Do the right thing no matter what

The real test of character is what you do when no one is watching. At Stebilex, we always do what is right and are directed by our inner compass rather than external force.

Be enthusiastic and open to experiences

Whether it is a new technology paradigm or a more effective behavior, we are ever-enthusiastic to improve ourselves and our offerings by being open to experiences and maintaining a learning mindset

Take risks with the intention of benefiting customers

The greatest discoveries were made by coloring outside the lines. We encourage risk at Stebilex as long as it is with the aim of improving our customer’s lives and businesses. The message is calculated risk over recklessness.

Whatever you do, do it well

Good Leaders continually inspire teams to deliver high quality in everything they do. Bad leaders allow mediocrity or bad behavior to fester.

Always keep the customer in mind

Good leaders demonstrate empathy towards customers and keep them in mind while solving problems. Bad leaders get stuck with internal structures or motivations.

Have a growth mindset

Whether it is ourselves, processes or businesses, we encourage a growth mindset. We believe people are capable of continually improving themselves, in turn improving the environments they operate in and the businesses they impact. We believe in unlimited human potential.
It is bad leadership to believe that everyone is born with a certain amount of talents and skills, and can achieve a finite limit.

We prioritize execution and results

Staying ahead in business means inculcating agility, flexibility, and execution-bias. We encourage considered action at all times, with the aim of delivering high-quality results on time. We discourage bad leaders who slow things down.

Say what you need to say

Courage is an essential quality of good leaders. We nurture leaders who shun ambivalence and address the issue at hand with clarity and by sharing their thoughts unequivocally. We value the diversity of opinions and encourage open communication that benefits the company and customers.

Be supportive, be empathetic, be trustworthy

Stebilex strives to build an environment where colleagues support each other, display empathy and demonstrate trustworthiness. Good leaders derive power from empowering others, rather than needing to be the most powerful person around.

Be authentic and intellectually honest

We encourage experimentation, analysis, and debate on the realities of business, and embrace both good news and bad news, focusing on the action plan. Data is not a matter of convenience.