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A leading European manufacturer for innovative design and production of high-quality electronic alarm systems and devices, SATEL is a privately owned company specialising in control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

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The company provides both hardware and software and is heavily invested in R&D and new technology development and has an almost entirely automated production process. Most of the control boards and readers, alarm systems, and electronic components manufactured by SATEL undergo ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control system.

SATEL has authorised distributors in over sixty countries and exports products to almost every corner of the world. Established in 1990, SATEL also offers tailor-made end to end solutions. Stebilex Systems provides SATEL products in the middle east at great prices offer quick delivery.

Solutions From SATEL

Access Control Systems

SATEL manufactures access control systems ranging from access controller boards to readers and cards/fobs, as well as software for the management access solutions. Products offered by SATEL include Access control panels, Door controllers, Terminals, System units, Transponders, Enclosures, Accessories, and Software. The companies access control line consists of two major brands ACCO NET and ACCO.


Perfect for hospitals, large offices and business facilities, ACCO access control system is supplements an intrusion detection systems. It comes with microprocessor-based controllers to offer extended functionalities than that of a “master key” type systems. It offers simple proximity card authorisation method, and A single ACCO system offers controllers operating the format of communication with Wiegand 26 terminals.


Access control panels, Door controllers, Zones/outputs expansion modules, Operation, control & management, Terminals
System units, Transponders, Power supplies, Enclosures, Accessories, Software


ACCO NET web-based comprehensive access control management solution allowing intuitive management and flexible configuration making it ideal for large and medium enterprises with many divisions such as: commercial networks, banks, customer service points and other institutions.

IT allows remote management of access at various locations. It allows central control of an unlimited number of facilities in different system structure configurations supports up to 65,000 users.

Intruder Alarm Systems

SATEL manufactures intruder alarm systems, which is also its most significant production division. It offers a wide variety of solutions to meet requirements for different types of applications.

From simple modules suitable for quick installation to advanced control panels which combined alarm functions with automation and access control, SATEL offers it all. Solutions include Alarm control panels, wireless systems, detectors, sirens, messaging systems and much more. Among the offered products is MICRA, PERFECTA, VERSA, and INTEGRA.


Alarm control panels, ABAX 2 Two way wireless system, ABAX Two way wireless system, MICRA wireless system, Detectors, Sirens Communication and messaging, Radio remote controllers, Enclosures, Power Accessories, Software

Alarm control panels

MICRA – Ideal for temporary facilities, MICRA alarm module, assures simple protection for the smallest facilities and features simple, quick to install and reliable system with GSM communication.


Ideal for small facilities, PERFECTA central panels are designed to offer you basic protection and convenient control every day. The brand consists of PERFECTA 16, PERFECTA 32, PERFECTA 16-WRL, and PERFECTA 32-WRL models.


Comprehensive VERSA panels are the perfect choice for medium-sized commercial and service facilities as well as residential buildings. In additions to intruder alarms, the system also offers automation features. The series consists of VERSA 5, VERSA 10, VERSA 15, VERSA IP, VERSA Plus models.


Ideal for big and demanding facilities, INTEGRA control panels are designed as professional solutions for business and industrial facilities. The devices fulfil the restrictive requirements of European norms at Grade 3 level, ensuring a high level of security.


SATEL manufactures multiuser multi-location monitoring solutions. SATEL’s INTEGRA, VERSA, and PERFECTA control panels with STAM software enable detection and notification of intruders’ trespassing to provide protection in a much broader sense in residential buildings and guarantee the comfort of everyday life through conducting basic home automation.


STAM software, STAM-BOX supervising station card power supply, Telephone receivers, Ethernet receivers, Visualisation Sets

Fire Alarm Systems

The SSP Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) by SATEL meets strict EN54 safety standards and are managed by CSP fire alarm control panels (FACP) One collects up to 8999 events (and alarms), while the other stores up to 9999 alarms. SATEL detectors are equipped with a system that detects soiling of the measuring chamber to avoid false alarms.


CSP fire alarm panels, Remote repeater panels, Detectors, Manual call points, Signalling devices, Accessories, Software


SATEL’s home automation solutions for homes are designed to offer complete control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and
irrigation systems as well as electrically operated roller blinds and shutters, slat blinds, awnings, gates, locks, valves etc.

SATEL’s home automation solutions allow building elements to be controlled locally, using buttons, traditional wall switches, dashboards / graphic keypads etc., as well as remotely, by using mobile applications or remote control keyfobs.


KNX system and INTEGRA Automation

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