TRS 370 Turnstile by Automatic Systems

The new TRS 37x line of security turnstiles is made to provide a hassle-free user experience while managing pedestrian traffic and high-security access control

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Automatic single-user, unmanned access control with outdoor or indoor perimeter protection

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Equipment that is secure, easy to use, and effective for demanding extended usage

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Lower expenditures for
maintenance and security

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A long-term investment built on outstanding toughness

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What is TRS 370 Turnstile by Automatic Systems?


The TRS 37x series full-height turnstiles are intended to regulate the flow of people while providing high-security entry control. They are especially well suited to the external security of high-traffic sensitive sites, such as industrial, sports, and commercial complexes, offices, airports, power plants, amusement parks, military bases, parking facilities, etc. thanks to their robust design, more than 40 years of experience, and total autonomy. The manual, bi-directional turnstiles in the range operate in both directions. They might also be connected in a line. The TRS 370 is a single gate turnstile in this category with three wings, allowing users to pass through with ease in a 120° segment.

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  • A rotating barrier with three combs that are 120 degrees apart. Steel tubes are welded to a vertical upright to create each comb. The upper spinning component and the bottom centre wheel disc are used to secure the entire object
  • A fixed comb restricting entrance to the lower half of the turnstile, made of steel tubes fastened to the fixed panel’s vertical uprights by bolts
  • A fixed panel limiting passage made of vertical steel tube profiles (round and rectangular), welded to a curved plate. The upper box part is supported by this framework as well
  • An upper box section made of sheet steel with a double door secured by a lock and key that holds the feed mechanism and the control board. Diamond-shaped roof for water evacuation
  • Control board with functions such as setting parameters, connection block, configuration, management of time delays, memorization, etc.
  • A dust-free seal between the upper box portion and the obstacle’s centre axis.
  • Automatic Systems provides the necked-down bolts needed to secure the machinery to solid ground
  • In case of a power outage, the barrier may be manually operated using an emergency crank and safety circuit breaker
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Feeding system made up of:


  • Compensating arms with tension springs to maintain the obstacle’s neutral position after passing
  • A hydraulic damper slows the movement to improve usability
  • Mechanism preventing the return of obstacle after 60° rotation
  • Electromagnet(s) and cams ensure mechanical locking

Controlling Modes

The following combinations are conceivable for each direction of passage (must be provided in the order):

  • Accessibility (obstacle turning freely)
  • Locked forever (obstacle blocked mechanically)
  • Locked but accessible in the event of a power outage
  • Mechanically locked in the event of a power outage and electrically controlled (free, locked, passage subject to authorization)
  • Electrically regulated (free, locked, passage subject to authorization), and in the event of a power outage, unlocked

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