Paxton Cardlock Green User Card 875-001G

With security features like signature strip and magnetic strip, Paxton CARDLOCK 1 extra user card – Green is used with Switch2 and Compact access systems.

Key Features

  • Used with Switch2 or Compact system
  • Comes with hi-coercivity magnetic stripes
  • Low cost per user
Paxton’s CARDLOCK user cards feature hi-coercivity magnetic stripes offering better reliability. The cards can be selected in different colours to segregate access for different zones at your facility. Green cards are usually used to provide access to common courts and visitor areas.The CARDLOCK 1 extra card can be purchased for a Starter Pack, and Green CARDLOCK user cards can be ordered in the middle east from Stebilex Systems, the official distributor in the region. Paxton Access is a leading access control systems manufacturer based in the UK, which secures around 25000 buildings with its products every year.

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Brands Paxton
Product Code 875-001G

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