Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Road Gate Barrier System with Aluminium Skirt

Introducing the Elegant M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier with Aluminium Skirt! It is easy to install and operate due to its powerful structure and modular design. Due to its improved security features and energy-saving qualities, it is the perfect gate option for you. Choose between the 69x92mm and 45x58mm sizes for a customized skirt. M-Bar with skirt offers a higher level of dependability and comfort.

Key Features

  • Easy settings with display and joystick.
  • Bars connect easily with expansion joints.
  • Robust build with a strong steel structure.
  • Separate enclosures for the accessible control unit.
  • Enhanced safety with obstacle detection, and fault diagnosis.

Enhance Your Entry Control with the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier Integrated with the Nice Aluminium Skirt

Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Road Gate Barrier

Upgrade your entry control experience with the integration of the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier and the Nice Aluminium Skirt. This dynamic duo provides you with a seamless and noiseless solution for preventing unauthorized access while maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

The Nice Aluminium Skirt, measuring 69x92mm and 45x58mm, is an essential addition to the barrier. Its robust guide ensures that pedestrians cannot crawl underneath the barrier boom. When the barrier is activated, the skirt elegantly folds up and aligns itself parallel to the barrier housing. This clever design not only offers functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your access control system.



Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier. Designed for bars ranging from 3 to 7 meters, this barrier combines simplicity with high-tech features. With a user-friendly control unit equipped with a display and joystick, configuring operational parameters has never been easier or faster.

The Nice M-Bar offers modular assembly with its aluminium expansion joint, making installation a breeze. You can also take advantage of the “master/slave” function, allowing intelligent control of two opposing automations. Rest assured, this gate barrier is built to last, with its tough steel structure, robust balancing springs that can endure up to 2,000,000 cycles, and an elliptical section shaft that can withstand gusts of wind.

The options for integration are limitless; to improve visibility and safety, you can choose a flashing light or traffic signal. The gate barrier offers the best convenience and security during setup and maintenance thanks to encoder movement control and electromechanical limit switches.

Safety is a top priority with the Nice M-Bar. It features obstacle detection and monitors motor absorption during automation movement. In case of any issues, automatic fault diagnostics kick in, signalling the type of fault through specific flash sequences.

What’s more, the system is energy-efficient, automatically entering standby mode when not in use. Say goodbye to blackouts with the optional Batteries (PS224) housed inside the gear motor. Plus, you can release the barrier from either side with a metal key, giving you added flexibility in installation.

To get your hands on this exceptional integration of the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier with the Nice Aluminium Skirt, reach out to Stebilex Systems, the leading supplier in UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Elevate your entry control experience with this innovative solution today.

Effortless Barrier Gate Setup in Three Simple Steps.

Effortless Barrier Gate Setup

Opt for the Right Gear Motor
To ensure your barrier gate operates seamlessly, start by selecting a suitable gear motor. Consider factors like gate size and frequency of use when making your choice.

Picking the Perfect Bar
The choice of the bar is crucial in creating a reliable barrier gate. Depending on your specific requirements, select a durable and appropriately sized bar that complements your gear motor.

Tailor Your System with Optional Accessories
Complete your barrier gate system by customizing it with optional accessories. Enhance functionality and security with features such as an aluminium skirt, access control, safety sensors, and remote operation.

Pioneers of Intelligent Living: Uncover the World of Nice

Since its establishment in 1993, Nice has been dedicated to simplifying and securing smart living. With a presence in over 100 nations, Nice seamlessly blends technology, design, and digital connectivity to provide users with a seamless and stress-free experience.

With Nice – not only will you relish the convenience of operating your gate automation, but you’ll also make a positive impact on the environment. Nice’s solutions are crafted to optimize renewable resources and energy efficiency, setting a high standard for innovation and user-friendliness. Their products are not only exceptionally sophisticated but also incredibly user-friendly.

You can effortlessly enhance your home’s security and manage your gate automation from anywhere with their MyNice Welcome App, compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This software simplifies scheduling gate movements, remote operation, and keeping a watchful eye on your home’s activities.

Why Choose Stebilex Systems in GCC and Africa Region?

Expertise and Experience
Stebilex Systems boasts a wealth of experience in the GCC and Africa regions, having served customers in diverse industries for many years. This experience translates into an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in these markets.

Cutting-Edge Technology
We are committed to delivering the latest and most innovative solutions. With Stebilex Systems, you can access state-of-the-art technology and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of security, access control, and automation.

Customized Solutions
Every business is unique, and we recognize that one size does not fit all. Stebilex Systems prides itself on tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client. We work closely with you to design and implement systems that fit your requirements precisely.

Local Knowledge, Global Standards
Stebilex Systems combines its local knowledge of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and African regions with international best practices. We understand the regulatory environment, cultural nuances, and local preferences, ensuring your solutions are not just compliant but also well-received.

Exceptional Customer Support
Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the sale. Stebilex Systems provides outstanding customer support and maintenance services to ensure your systems remain reliable and effective throughout their lifecycle.

Elevate Your Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier: Boost Productivity with Smart Add-On Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier with Aluminum Skirt best suited for?

The Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier with Aluminium Skirt secures passages that are 3 to 7 metres wide. It functions effectively in a number of settings, such as office parks, abodes, and retail establishments.

How does the Nice Aluminium Skirt enhance the functionality of the gate barrier?

The Nice Aluminium Skirt, a fundamental component of the gate barrier with dimensions of 69x92mm and 45x58mm, is a crucial component. While strengthening and enhancing the appearance of the barrier, it shields vulnerable regions from possible attackers.

Are there any safety features integrated into the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier?

Definitely! The Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier puts security first. It delivers automated fault diagnostics with distinct fault type signals for increased security, monitors motor absorption for smooth operation, and features obstacle recognition to prevent accidents.

How does the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier compare to other gate barriers in the market?

The Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier stands out due to its sturdy steel frame, dependable balancing springs with a 2,000,000-cycle life, and wind-resistant elliptical shaft. It is a top choice because of its distinctive programming and modular architecture on the market.

What are the key advantages of choosing the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier for Dubai-based installations?

Due to its resistance to inclement weather, energy-saving features, and optional battery backup to ensure operation during power outages, the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier is a well-liked substitute for installations in Dubai. It is created to meet the unique requirements of the area.

How does the "master/slave" function of the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier work?

The “master/slave” function may be used to covertly operate two rival gate automations. Both the master gate and the slave gate run separately from one another. Together, they manage entry and exits efficiently.

Can the Nice M-Bar Electromechanical Gate Barrier withstand harsh weather conditions?

The Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier is designed to endure bad weather because of its robust structure and distinctive features. It’s a great option for places with harsh weather.

What type of maintenance does the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier require?

It’s simple to maintain the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier. It has separate shells for the mechanics and electronics to protect the interior parts. This form makes it easier to access it for programming and maintenance, ensuring that it is kept in top shape.

Are there any additional accessories that can be integrated with the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier?

You may improve the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier’s usability and user safety by including extras like flashing lights or traffic signals. There is a diverse range of accessories available for the gate barrier.

Why should businesses in the GCC and Africa regions choose Stebilex Systems for their Nice Gate Barrier installations?

Stebilex Systems offers unrivalled knowledge and support for Nice Gate Barrier installations in the GCC and Africa regions. Due to the superior customer service provided by their personnel, they are the number one choice for businesses searching for reliable solutions.

What warranty is provided with the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier with Aluminum Skirt?

The warranty is provided for your peace of mind with the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier with Aluminium Skirt. It is important to verify with our sales staff for exact terms and coverage since the individual warranty specifics may differ.

What kind of after-sales support can I expect after purchasing the Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier from Stebilex Systems?

Stebilex Systems provides outstanding after-sales assistance for their Nice M-Bar Gate Barrier. Our staff is committed to supporting you with any queries, worries, or problems you might encounter, providing a seamless interaction with your gate barrier.

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