An access control system is the best method to protecting your home or business and the premises. The access control system is not limited to providing access into/inside a building but it also effectively protects your assets & data from the prominent threats. It is up to the access control policy of your organization to determine what credentials to be given and which methods work the best. There are a number of access control systems which can be chosen in your residence or business facility. Stated below are the three basic types of access control systems that are available so you can see which are best suited for your day-to-day operations.

3 Types of Access Control Systems

1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control is an access control system which authorities the business owner in order to decide which people are allowed in a specific location, physically or digitally. Discretionary Access Control is the least restrictive when compared to the other access control systems, as it allows an individual complete control over any objects they own, as well as the software associated with those objects.

The drawback to Discretionary Access Control is on the fact that it gives the end user complete control to set security level settings for other users & the permissions given to the end user are inherited into other software they use which could potentially lead to malware being executed without the end user being aware of it.

2. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Mandatory Access Control is commonly utilized in organizations that require a step up on the confidentiality and classification of data like military institutions, government research centers etc. Mandatory Access Control does not permit the owners to control the entities having access in a unit or facility, it only facilitates the owner and custodian having the management of the access controls. Mandatory Access Control will always classify every user and provide them with labels that permit them to gain access through security with established security guidelines.

3. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Rule-Based Access Control is the most demanded access control system. Not only is it in high demand among households, but also in the corporate industry. In Role-Based Access Control systems, access is given by the system administrator and is strictly based on the subject’s role within the organization. The access is based on the limitations defined by their job responsibilities. Role-Based Access Control eases the process of assigning multiple individuals particular access much as the system administrator only has to assign access to specific job titles and this shall reflect in the system.

Choosing The Best Access Control System For Your Organization

There are multiple factors involved in choosing the best access control system for your organization. Some of these factors are

  • The nature of the business.
  • Security protocols & procedures within the company.
  • The number of users.

Small businesses will probably find Discretionary Access Control to be less complicated and better suited. Organizations with highly confidential or sensitive information and data, the Mandatory Access or Role-Based Access Control system are two options that better suit your requirement.

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