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  • ViRDI UBio – X Pro Advanced Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (150,000 face templates/second, 2GB RAM, 5in LCD, Card reading)

  • ViRDI UBio Tab 5 Portable Fingerprint Terminal (5inch, portable attendance, 10 frames/second)

  • RIB Irreversible Operator Rolling Shutter Opening System – JOY (Two versions – JOY CS and JOY SS)

  • RIB Operator for Sectional and Up-and-Over Garage Doors – CUBE (Irreversible operator, gate size 12 sqm)

  • RIB Operator for Up-and-Over Garage Doors – BOSS (Irreversible, Balanced with weights, Max 12sqm doors)

  • RIB Rolling Shutter Operator – JOLLY BIG (For spring balanced rolling shutters, Ø 102 mm with shaft and Ø 240 mm spring)

  • RIB Rolling Shutter Operator: JOLLY ONE (For spring balanced shutters Ø 60mm shaft and Ø 200mm shaft)

  • RIB Rolling Shutter Operator – Jolly (for spring balanced shutters, Ø 76 mm shaft and Ø 240 mm spring)

  • RIB Industrial Swing Gate Operator – R (Gate leaf up to 15m, Max weight 12000 kg)

  • RIB Hydraulic Operator for Swing Gates – IDRO (Gate leaf up to 7m, Max weight 1000kg)

  • RIB Irreversible Swing Gate Operator – DUKE (For 3.5mlong gates, underground operator, Max weight 800 kg)

  • RIB Reversible Swing Gate Operator – MAGIC (Underground Operator, 2.5m long gate, max weight 350 kg)